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Video puts bread to the test vs. low-alcohol beer in its ability to get you drunk.

- A beer brand has gone viral by attempting to see if you can get drunk off bread.
- The video has since garnered upwards of 7 million views across social media by revealing that everyday food items contain up to 1.5% ABV.
- The video is a response to a viral comment made by Peter Jones’ on the BBC hit show Dragons Den about 0.5% beer not being non-alcoholic.

A beer brand has gone viral on social media after revealing that bread often contains up to 1.5% ABV.

The video features an employee testing the hypothesis that bread can get you drunk - as it can purportedly contain up to three times more alcohol than a standard low alcohol (0.5% ABV) beer.

“This is 400 slices of bread. This is a breathalyser. And today we’re...

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