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It’s Body Clock Month at Warren Evans, London’s foremost bed maker & mattress supplier. Throughout October they will be looking at the seasonal changes that affect our mind and body and bringing you a wealth of expert advice to help you feel healthy and happy.

The autumn season spells many changes for our internal body clock and this time of year can often seem like we’re fighting a loosing battle. Most of us sense the two key changes quite easily - the reducing amount of daylight and the drop in temperature.

Our bodies need to manage the change from summer to winter time as the clocks fall back. Diminishing sunlight can lead to a lack in Vitamin D, especially in vulnerable groups such as children and pregnant women. For some of us the decrease in sunlight leads to a drop in mood and even seasonal affective disorder (SAD) on occasion.

Colder and wetter weather gives cold & flu bugs the chance to thrive and an increase in windy weather...

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