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Protak's Enzyme Indicator Test Strips

16th Feb 2017, London – Protak Scientific, the UK company leading the introduction of a revolutionary new science in decontamination validation worldwide, the Enzyme Indicator, have appointed Netsteril to bring the technology to Spain.

Enzyme Indicators are a new, viable and instant alternative to the current biological indicators used in decontamination validation. The 7-day waiting time to get the results of the Biological Indicators (BI) has come to an end. These new biochemical indicators allow results of validation of vapour decontamination with hydrogen peroxide (VH2O2) to be obtained in an instantaneous and quantifiable way. It is a disruptive technology developed by Public Health England (PHE), an executive agency of the United Kingdom’s Department of Health (UK DoH). Protak Scientific is the exclusive licensee of the technology for decontamination validation and has...

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