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PsycApps Digital Mental Health is excited to release their first mental health game, eQuoo, the Emotional Fitness Game.

With mental illness being on the rise – the WHO predicts that depression alone will have overtaken cancer as the global disease burden no 1 by 2030 – it is crucial we find affordable and accessible ways to deliver mental health care. The NHS is doing what it can with its limited funding, but psychologist Silja Litvin and her team at PsycApps sees smartphones to be a unique distribution model that can reach millions of UK citizens.

The problem with mobile therapy, though, is that people don’t stick to the interventions long enough to reap the benefits… How many times have you downloaded a ‘healthy’ app and kind of left it for dead after a few days or weeks?! When face to face therapy is translated on to a digital platform, it lacks the personal connection (ergo...

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