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To celebrate Great Britain’s biodiversity and encourage more people to go out and experience the natural world, the team at reveal the number of distant species, from mammals and birds, to insects and mushrooms, in an interactive map.

Just how biodiverse is your area? Now it’s easy to search via our map and see just how many different species of mammals, birds, fish, plants, and more can be found in any area of Great Britain. Simply type in your area and if you want to see all species or a specific one, for example, mushrooms and fungi.

Bird lovers will want to visit North Norfolk as it has the highest number of different species (434) than any other. If you’re trying to avoid insects and creepy crawlies, you’ll love the City of London with only 49 different species, but arachnophobes beware, East Cambridgeshire has the most insect and arachnid species with 7,611. A trip to the Highlands is recommended for those wanting to see the...

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