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The Collection by Sabina Motasem

Sabina Motasem has launched The Green Collection – a new fashion line, all made in London, all fantastic luxe quality and all vegan and completely sustainable, launching with six beautiful wedding dresses. Prices start from only 975 GBP, and compliments the higher priced Couture Collection (1,950 – 3,500 GBP), while offering an affordable, sustainable option for the cost-conscious bride.

Like everyone, lockdown has been a challenging time for Sabina Motasem, who have re-evaluated their priorities on how best to operate to ensure the health and safety of all their customers and staff. They have launched an e-shop where all their dresses are now available to buy online and have chosen to not re-open their Islington boutique to continue keeping everyone completely safe.

You can rest assured that even though they aren’t meeting physically, customers will still receive their signature...

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