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As the UK ticks over into the new financial year, the latest report 5th April 2018 on corporate compliance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act has been produced by This showed 50.8% of organisations (9627 out of 18939) that should have complied by now still have no locatable statements*. This compares with 50.6% as reported in TISCreport’s interim briefing at Westminster in September 2017 at the halfway point.

What’s more, a unique data sharing alliance with the UK Anti-Slavery Helpline, run by Unseen, has been enabled by the platforms GOV.UK compatible architecture**. With in excess of 0.5 Million UK supplier records in TISCreport, the critical mass in order to drive change through supply chains has been reached. The data sharing alliance is breaking new ground by joining live compliance data sets at the top of supply chains with geographical modern slavery hotspots on the ground.

Andrew Wallis OBE, CEO of Unseen says of the...

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