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Artificial vision innovator to preview OrCam MyMe personal AI – currently on Kickstarter for early adopters – and demo OrCam MyEye assistive technology

Las Vegas, NV (January 8, 2019) – OrCam Technologies [CES Sands Hall D #44552], the world’s most advanced AI-driven wearable platform innovator, will preview the OrCam MyMe personal AI platform throughout CES 2019. OrCam MyMe functions as an "AI companion" by performing real time facial and text recognition and subsequent personal big data analysis to help achieve work-life balance optimization. The platform's technology is delivered to a companion app on a smartphone or smartwatch.

Carrying the heavy lifting of sophisticated AI with deep learning algorithms in a compact form factor, OrCam MyMe is currently on a Kickstarter campaign for early adopters of the first of its kind wearable platform. With the goal of building a community around the innovative device, the initial pledges will secure a...

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