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Interface Clinical Services, who since 2013 have identified areas for improved primary care for millions of patients around the UK, are offering free QOF health checks at Management in Practice (MIP) at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on 24th May. MIP is a free event to help GPs, Practice Managers, Administrators, and Commissioners to improve the management of primary care practices. The Interface QOF health check identifies potential gaps in patient care, areas where a practice’s prevalence could be improved, and ways to boost QOF point earnings. To date Interface has found £17,236,326 worth of additional income for GP practices.

The NHS’s Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), an incentive scheme for GP practices, rewards practices for the provision of quality care and helps to standardise improvement in the delivery of primary medical services. By helping primary care practices to maximise their QOF points Interface are helping to increase the quality of care enjoyed...

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