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Chris Kavanagh with a thinAir machine

A British wellness technology firm has created the world’s first adaptive oxygen therapy machine that helps people feel decades younger - and transform the lives of those suffering with a range of health problems.
thinAir is the only adaptive oxygen therapy device on the market, which changes the amount of oxygen automatically, depending on how the user is reacting.
The clever machine makes sure that the user is working at their maximum lung capacity for the entire 40-60 minute session, triggering the body’s response to improve and repair.
thinAir founder, former sports coach Christopher Kavanagh, has spent the last 12 years working on the device, including getting help from top designers and healthcare professionals.
Christopher said: “Combining the science of intermittent hypoxic therapy with sophisticated software, we have created a world first in adaptive oxygen therapy that is changing the way people live.
“By stimulating the removal of inflammation from the brain and body, you can begin a process of recovery from injury, repair and elimination of damaged cells and the regeneration of new cells full of vitality.
“We work with people of all ages and all physical abilities to help you to achieve your goals – there are no barriers to using thinAir.
“I’ve spoken to people who say they feel and look ten years younger after just three weeks using our machine.
“Other people have been able to recover fully from horrific accidents or debilitating medical conditions.
“Chronic pain can become a thing of the past with thinAir, as it helps the body repair and regenerate damaged tissues far faster than naturally, reducing damage and inflammation and boosting red blood cell counts.”
thinAir can be used for a huge variety of reasons, including slowing the ageing process, relieving chronic pain and helping boost mental clarity and brainpower, as well as helping improve athletic performance and aiding sleep and relaxation.
The patented technology stimulates the natural production of serotonin which is essential to synthesise melatonin and regulate the body’s biological clock.
Current thinAir users include former England rugby player Steve Thompson, who uses the device to improve his brain function due to being diagnosed with dementia, as well as helping significantly with pain relief.
Steve said: “thinAir really has changed my life – without it, I know I wouldn’t be able to play with my children. The pain I used to suffer with every day is almost gone, and using thinAir helps boost my brain functionality.”
Former nurse Sharon Cartwright, from Horwich, Lancs., credits thinAir with saving her leg, after she was told she faced amputation following a horror fall.
She said: “thinAir saved my leg – the recovery I made was incredible.
“After the initial 15 sessions, I was well on my way to getting back to normal.
“For the last two years, I’ve used the machine a couple of times a week and I live free from pain.
“It’ss also really helped me in other ways too. I feel ten years young and the asthma that I’ve had my entire life feels like it’s gone away completely.
“I would never recommend anything I didn’t really believe in, and I really believe in this.”
As well as offering thinAir machines for home use, Christopher and his team have thinAir suites in dozens of beauty salons, wellness and sports clinics nationwide, including London, Manchester, Huddersfield and Kendal.
The thinAir system even comes with an app that allows users to track their wellness, and see how much their lungs and general health has improved while using the machines.
Christopher added: “The key point of thinAir is the way it adapts in real time to the user’s body.
“It means their entire session is conducted under optimal conditions – the ‘sweet spot’ that triggers repair and boosts red blood cell production.
“While we find people can see the benefits of thinAir after only around 15 sessions, some, who suffer from chronic pain or are seeking a significant improvement in their skin, need more sessions.
“We’ve had personal trainers and expert physicians tell us that thinAir is the hardest cardiovascular workout you can do.
“thinAir is truly life-changing, and we have had several users tell us that, through repeated thinAir sessions, their quality of life has improved so drastically that they have gone from merely existing to thriving.
“I don’t think it can get better than that.
“thinAir adapts the oxygen composition in the air to you. It calculates your data to change the effective altitude, or oxygen saturation, for you.”
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