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Harley Street Menopause Midlife Clinics

Menopause is nothing knew and while it’s positive that women have so many more options on how to deal with the debilitating symptoms and improve their lives while living through the different stages of menopause than even 10 years ago, it’s still one of the most searched for terms on Google, peaking during Menopause Awareness Month each October where the numbers surge to around 6000, most related on how to how to deal with menopause while working!

Launching this summer, The Harley Street Menopause Midlife Clinics aims to provide a whole range of experts, services and products that help during this life-changing time including bio identical hormone treatment compounded by a specialist pharmacy. The clinical support team is headed by Dr Aamer Khan, managing director of the well-respected Harley Street Skin Clinic. The team includes Sue Moxley, health and beauty editor of Menopause Life magazine, The Menopause Show presenter on Women’s Radio station.

Giving the best advice on menopausal nutrition is Amanda Hamilton who can provide a bespoke diet, nutrition and exercise plan that can be adapted along your menopause journey.
Mary Griffin a psychotherapeutic therapist is on hand to give important guidance on mental well-being and can offer on-line counselling as well as providing important advice on sexual health and intimacy.

Bio-identical hormones are one of the best and most accurate treatments for peri menopause and menopause symptoms when women have discovered that the kind of ‘one size fits all’ HRT offerings haven’t helped them and, in some cases, have made them feel worse!

This specific to the patient bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) also known as natural hormone therapy is the use of hormones that are identical on a molecular level with endogenous hormones in hormone replacement therapy.

The patient can test for themselves in the convenience of their home with a dried urine test kit to find a very accurate reading of their hormone levels. Then use of compounds made by a specialist pharmacy and prescribed bespoke to the patient by Dr Aamer Khan to obtain the right balance of hormones and reach the target the patient needs.

The hormones used in BHRT include estrogen, progesterone as well as estriol and other important elements which work together for the individual dependent on depletion of existing hormones, age, diet and lifestyle.

Dr Aemer Kahn has acted as a medical director in General Practice in Birmingham and as an associate specialist before becoming a full time cosmetic doctor in 2004. One of the main reasons for founding this exciting new Clinic is the number of clients who want to combine a hormone therapy related treatment together with the right course of aesthetic treatments when they have found conventional HRT isn’t working for them.

Co-founder Sue Moxley says: ‘As someone who suffered a particularly bad peri menopause and menopause with a combination of symptoms including brain fog, lack of energy, painful sex and anxiety, I am really excited to be working with BHRT as well as range of other treatments and experts to give women a really positive life line at this challenging time.’

New products specially targeting menopausal skin that starts to lose its elasticity and the ability to produce collagen including the new Ultimate Face Cream which is prescription-based skin care that contains Estrodil – the most important hormone that begins to deplete after the age of 35.
The Midlife Clinic will also offer a range of exclusive supplements and nutritional products, and teas.

As well as these complimentary products such as the Fresh Face Pillow, a contoured pillow which has been proven to improve sleep position and has a modified foam with a cooling gel insert to help ease the symptoms of hot flushes that prevent good sleep.

Designed to give you all the information you need at the click of the button and with new information, menopause insight, products and treatments being added each month, it’s the new information go-to for all women over 35+

For more information and to book an on line consultation and to see products visit
For more information, contact Sue Moxley on 07860 272747 or

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