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The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly, with advancements in technology, changing patient expectations, and the need for personalized and predictive medicine. In this dynamic environment, Inveox is at the forefront, revolutionizing cancer diagnosis through automation, digitization, and AI-powered technology.

Cancer remains one of the most pressing global health challenges, impacting nearly every other person during their lifetime. Traditional, paper-based and manual processes in the journey of a biopsy sample to diagnosis contribute to a histopathology error rate ranging from 1 to 15%. This not only leads to misdiagnosis but also places a significant burden on healthcare infrastructure and communities worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, cancer was responsible for almost 10 million deaths in 2020, accounting for nearly one in six deaths.

Looking ahead to the next decade, the challenges posed by the increasing prevalence of cancer demand transformative solutions. Inveox is addressing these challenges head-on by streamlining the diagnostic process and harnessing the power of technology. Their mission is to unlock the next level of cancer diagnosis through automation, digitization, and data-driven insights.

Inveox's innovative software enables digital examination requests, allowing physicians to enter patient and sample data seamlessly. This digitalization not only eliminates errors but also provides forecasting capabilities, facilitating efficient workforce planning and enhancing overall laboratory operations. Additionally, Inveox has developed a unique sample container and cassette system, along with a device for automated sample entry. These advancements enable the safe and efficient handling of samples while removing formalin, a hazardous substance commonly used in the process.

What sets Inveox apart is its integration of AI-based image recognition technology. By capturing images of the samples, their platform aims to create an automated macroscopic description, enhancing the diagnostic process. The collected clinical data, combined with imaging data, allows for the creation of a holistic patient dataset, enabling more precise risk assessments and personalized treatment approaches.

Collaboration with leading hospitals and pathology providers, such as the University Hospital Frankfurt, ensures that Inveox's solutions are developed in line with medical needs and validated by industry experts.

Inveox's journey began when co-founders Maria and Dominik Sievert witnessed a harrowing incident where a patient underwent surgery without actually having cancer. This eye-opening experience fueled their determination to transform the field of cancer diagnosis. Their paths converged at Manage&More, an entrepreneurial program provided by UnternehmerTUM, where they realized their shared vision for improving healthcare outcomes. With the strong support of UnternehmerTUM and the vibrant startup ecosystem in Munich, Germany, Inveox received invaluable guidance and resources from its founding days to the present.

Looking ahead, Inveox predicts significant changes in the healthcare sector and its consumer base. The increasing prevalence of cancer demands personalized and predictive medicine. Moreover, the decrease in personnel along the diagnostic workflows necessitates efficient digitization for fast and detailed diagnoses. The integration of big data will be instrumental in driving the next giant leap in cancer research.

As Inveox continues to innovate and transform the field of cancer diagnosis, its impact on global health is significant. By eliminating errors, improving efficiency, and collecting comprehensive data, they are enabling healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions and ultimately saving lives.

Inveox's dedication to revolutionizing cancer diagnosis aligns with the global need for advanced healthcare solutions. Their commitment to personalized medicine, digitization, and the utilization of big data positions them as leaders in the industry. With their groundbreaking technologies, Inveox is shaping the future of cancer diagnostics and improving healthcare outcomes worldwide

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