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OneGoal.Football where the goals are centrally located back to back.

The prolific inventor and entrepreneur Tom Mackenzie first conceived his new game of football while filming his sons football games. “I was only recording 25mins of video of when the ball was in play for a 50-minute game and wanted to increase the time the football was in play,” says Mackenzie.

After checking his footage, the ball is out of play so much due to goal kicks, corners and throw ins. This was confirmed by Premier League analysis which showed on average the ball was in play less than 50 minutes and in some cases as little as 44 minutes out of a 90-minute game. That is a lot of time the ball is out of play!

To improve the amount of time the ball is in play Mackenzie came up with OneGoal.Football. Instead of the goals being at either end of the pitch, the goals are centrally located back to back. Valencia train using back to back goals.

The advantages of Onegoal.Football are numerous with the ball in play more with no goal kicks or corners. This results in players getting more touches which is great for their development and with less stoppages is better for their fitness. There is no longer offsides which eliminates those controversial decisions and more goals are scored.

OneGoal.Football can be played simply with just two cones or anything to define a goal or with a purpose-built goal available from This brand-new sport is based on normal football rules. Once players and coaches have played OneGoal.Football Mackenzie wants them to send in their suggested rules. This is the first time in the World that a sport will have its rules crowd sourced. Mackenzie has suggested only two rules to start with. 1. To start the game or if someone scores the keeper kicks or throws the ball into play in their own half. This prevents the ball from being thrown over the goal. 2. When a goal is scored the keeper picks the ball out of the net and play restarts. This ensures a quick restart.

The OneGoal.Football goal that can be preordered through Kickstarter is 12 feet (3.66m) wide x 6 feet (1.82m) high x 3.84 feet (1.17m) deep. The size is popular with under 11’s and in small sided adult football games. The goal is constructed from lightweight weatherproof uPVC meaning it can be left outdoors. The goal net is heavy duty which is also weather resistance. The goal can be packed down into the handy carry bag which can be transported in the boot of your car. The locking system ensures the goal is rigid once put together.

In 2004 Mackenzie founded Energy Mad, which in 2011 listed on the NZ stock exchange. He left to follow his inspiration for the Levicle bike in 2015, with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

With his second Kickstarter campaign just started and already taking orders, he is now looking forward to introducing the new sport of OneGoal.Football to the World.

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