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“Showers have become the affordable luxury item for our modern world” says Andrew Ellis of “People who are fortunate enough to have larger bathrooms are now increasingly opting to devote space to separate baths and self-contained showers cabins, rather than just making do with over-bath showers and people with smaller bathrooms are increasingly opting to replace baths with self-contained shower cabins in order to have more health-and-wellness benefits in a smaller space. People want and often need spa-like facilities in the convenience and privacy of their own home so that they can take care of their physical and mental health”.

From over-bath sprays to hydrotherapy jets

According to Andrew Ellis “You simply cannot compare the experience of using even the best over-bath showers with the experience of using a luxury shower in a self-contained shower cabin, even standard showers come nowhere remotely close and that’s even before you add all the extra functionality which comes with a self-contained shower cabin, those little extra touches which can make so much difference. Let’s take the Clearwater 1200 by Vidalux as an example. It’s our most popular model and we’ve now managed to make it available for just £899. That means it already compares very favourably with other options and that’s before you add in the cost of tiling behind a bath or standard shower. At just 1200 x 800 x 2200mm and available in left- and right-hand versions, it can slip into even small bathrooms and it offers an amazing amount of functionality for its size and price.”

Not just one shower but two

“Showering under the monsoon shower head is an amazing sensation” continues Andrew Ellis, “but the hand shower is also very useful for general quick cleaning, whether that’s people, pets or household items like muddy boots.”.

Hydrotherapy jets give you a quality massage in your own home

“Having a massage from a human therapist is great”, says Andrew Ellis, “but it’s not always convenient to fit one in and if you went to a massage therapist every day, it could get very expensive! High quality hydrotherapy jets give you an effective (and very pleasant) massage whenever you have a shower. For the record, there is a reason I said ‘high-quality hydrotherapy jets’, not all hydrotherapy jets are the same at all. For example, the ones Vidalux use are multi-spray jets, which are far superior to the single-spray versions.”

Steam is a great addition to any shower cabin

“The benefits of steam have been appreciated for hundreds of years” advices Andrew Ellis, “think of saunas, think of Turkish baths, think of steam rooms in spas. Steam is widely used to alleviate medical conditions, think about making a steam tent when you have a cold, plus it’s widely prescribed by beauty professionals to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Up until recently however, only the very rich could have access to everything steam can offer in their own homes, thankfully Vidalux has been working hard to change that and the popularity of their steam shower range shows just how much people appreciate it. The Clearwater 1200 by Vidalux not only has a 2.8KW steam generator but is also has an aromatherapy function and that’s a hugely compelling partnership from a health-and-wellness perspective.

One of the great benefits of steam is that it is superb at cleaning out the body from the inside out, in fact, many of its recognized medicinal qualities revolve around this fact. It can literally get into all the tiniest spaces in the body and get the dirt out, putting essential oils into the steam can help with this. Also if you’re suffering from minor illnesses such as colds or have a respiratory condition such as bronchitis, a combination of steam and the right essential oils can really make a big difference to your overall health.

If nothing else, you can simply use ready-made aromatherapy blends to help influence your mood. Citrus and menthol scents such as lemon and pine can help make us feel more upbeat and energetic, whereas oils like lavender can be soothing and relaxing, which is why it’s so often used around bedtime to help people get to sleep.

As with the hydrotherapy jets, however, it’s really important that you use a quality steam generator not just for effectiveness, but also for safety. That’s why we’ve chosen to stock Vidalux steam showers as we have total confidence in the brand and their manufacturing standards as well as their customer service.”

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