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• Couples take four holidays together before getting married

• 49% of married UK couples rate their marriage happiness as 10/10

• The countries couples want to holiday to the most is the USA and Spain

A research project undertaken by honeymoon and travel company Kuoni has revealed the holiday habits of couples in the UK.

*UK couples take four holidays together before they get married*
Holidays are a crucial part of relationship development, allowing you to see how adventurous and relaxed your partner is, how they handle out-of-the-ordinary situations, and even how they deal with stressful scenarios like cancelled flights or getting lost! For couples in the UK, new research from Kuoni reveals that it takes, on average, four holidays with your other half before you commit to becoming life partners. However, for some it can take much longer; 11% of married couples in the UK said they went on at least 10 or more holidays together before getting married. At the other end of the scale though, sometimes when you know you just know, and one in four couples stated that they didn’t have any holidays together before they were married.

*We are a nation of super-happily marrieds*
After the (literal) honeymoon phase, couples holiday habits settle down to just two holidays together every year, but it seems to be the magic amount; 49% gave their marriage the full 10/10 on the happiness scale, with the average marriage happiness rating in the UK coming out as an incredibly high 8.7 out of 10.

*Couples want to visit the USA or Spain the most*
Whilst short-haul European favourites like France, Greece, Portugal and Italy came out as the most-visited counties by married couples, when asked where they would most like to go for a romantic holiday next anywhere in the world, UK couples chose the USA and Spain as their favourites.

The most popular long haul destinations reflects the exploring spirit of the UK’s married couples, demonstrating an exciting breadth of countries, from Australia to Barbados.

*Most popular long haul places for couples to visit*:
1. Canada
2. Australia
3. Mexico
4. Singapore
5. Thailand
6. Barbados
7. UAE
8. Hong Kong
9. Dominican Republic
10. New Zealand

*UK couples like destinations which suit their introverted, organised and steady personalities*
The study (full report here) revealed that the majority of married couples in the UK see themselves as measured and calm, with the research showing that they are three times more likely to classify themselves as ‘mellow and steady ‘rather than passionate and fiery. The majority of married couples also said they were at the ‘always busy and organised’ end of the spectrum compared to just 25% of couples who said they were laid-back and spontaneous. Over a third of married couples (which equates to 4.6 million married couples) in the UK identify as being more introverted and private, compared to just over 3 million who label themselves as being more outgoing and sociable.

*Romantic holiday destination inspiration*

USA – best for passionate couples
A large slice of couples who described their relationship as being towards the passionate end of the scale, also put the USA as one of their favourite holiday locations – and you can see why, it’s big, it’s bold and it’s beautiful. There are so many diverse areas that it’s easy to forget they all belong to the same country. Experience a small snapshot of the diversity on offer with a trip of excess and indulgence in Las Vegas, before switching-up and taking in the wonder of the Grand Canyon, and then taking a different turn again with a trendy city break in San Francisco before changing tack again with an expedition to the awe-inspiring ancient Redwoods – and all within just two states!

Mauritius - best for introverts
The study showed that Mauritius proved a popular escape choice for introverted couples in particular. This paradise island hideaway lies in the heart of the Indian Ocean and is surrounded by tranquil jungles and undisturbed coastlines. Whilst the small island offers the chance to simply sit back and switch off for uninterrupted days on end, travellers looking to experience the island’s culture can visit beautiful Hindu temples, take lessons in the Creole language or visit fresh food markets at the local fishing villages.

Thailand – best for organised planners
Couples who enjoy organising and making schedules will have a great time creating their holiday itinerary for Thailand; from planning an island hopping expedition, to visiting golden temples, taking on tuk tuk tours, and visiting elephants at ancient national parks, there is plenty to keep you busy. Your romantic escape can also include scheduled downtime at Koh Samui or Koh Lanta where you can sunbathe and snorkel, the perfect respite after a plunge into the heady chaos of Bangkok’s nightlife and floating markets.

Canada - best for mellow and steady couples
Chilled out couples with an affinity for the great outdoors will find all the natural bliss they desire in Canada. From whale-dotted coastlines, to towering forests, the iconic Rocky Mountains and frozen lakes, you’re forever humbled by Mother Nature wherever you step in this country. The culturally diverse cities are a melting pot of societies and beliefs, and laidback couples can soak up all of the natural wonders and accepting atmospheres in one of the most welcoming countries in the world.

Maldives – best for switching off completely
The Maldives is a great choice all year around with a climate that stays at a fairly consistent 25-30°C all year around. With a sea temperature of 25°C and eight hours of sunshine a day, you don’t have to worry about the weather at all and can just focus on relaxing with your other-half. Relaxing is different for everyone, but the Maldives has you covered in all ways – whether it’s sinking back into your private villa pool overlooking the turquoise ocean, or taking a gentle stroll under the palm trees and feeling soft white sands under your toes. If you like to relax by doing, then take an excursion to a tiny hideaway island for a night, or opt into a diving and snorkelling trip to explore the alien-like underwater reef world.
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