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Eddie “The Beast” Hall , former World’s Strongest Man, is trading ‘Strongman’ events, for a boxing match , taking on his rival, Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornnson (aka the Mountain) in Las Vegas next year. In order to prepare for the fight – Eddie is harnessing the power of personalised nutrition and cutting edge training techniques to optimise and fast-track his performance.

In preparation for the September 2021 showdown, the former World’s Strongest Man, and the first man to lift 500kg, has been working with some of the best trainers, coaches, and nutritionists to ensure he is in the best physical and mental shape of his life.
Having been in full training for over 2 months now, Hall has already lost 6 stone, as a result of his grueling exercise regime and sticking to a strict nutrition plan supported by personalised 3D printed vitamins, from UK tech start-up, Nourished.

Eddie told us more about this new training and nutrition regime in a recent interview;

Q. What’s different about your training this time around?

Eddie – Boxing is a whole new ballgame for me and requires a different kind of fitness and endurance to Strongman

I have introduced a lot more cardio into my training schedule, which includes running, boxing, swimming and HIT sessions. The overarching strategy is linked to a technique called Linear periodization which allows you to really push through your limits and push up PBs. Due to the regularity and intensity of these sessions, it’s important that I keep up my energy levels and focus and that my muscles recover quickly, which supplements can really help with. Due to my size and the level at which I’m training, I also need to take more vitamins & supplements than the average person – so it was crucial I found a more effective and convenient solution than popping loads of pills each day!

Q. Can you tell us a bit more about your diet & nutrition regime?

Eddie – Because of my size and the intensity of my training programme I have to eat a lot of food! I currently consume about 7000 calories a day, containing a variety of protein, carbs and vegetables. It’s not only time consuming to eat so much, it also takes a lot of forward planning, consistency, and effort. I’ve started taking different super-foods in my Nourished stacks which means I don’t have to worry about incorporating them into my diet, which is a massive bonus for me! Supplementing active ingredients such as cordyceps increases my energy levels and improves my sleep, Silica helps to fortify my bones and joints and Ashwagandha reduces any inflammation and supports my concentration and brain functionality. It would be a real pain to have to include these ingredients in my diet so being able to take them in my Nourished stacks is fantastic and I really feel the benefits from them.

Q. Why did you choose personalised vitamins?

Eddie – For me, convenience is everything. My schedule is pretty hectic with fitting in hours of training, 6 meals a day, business meetings and family time - that I needed my vitamins to suit my lifestyle. With Nourished I decide exactly what goes into my tailor-made stack, and I don’t need to worry about taking lots of different pills or about the bulking agents and the other unnecessary ingredients that are in so many standard multi-vitamins. I just eat 3 stacks each morning and evening which each contain 7 vitamins, nutrients, and superfoods. So, I’m getting 21 active ingredients twice a day to help with my performance and recovery, and it’s just an enjoyable and easy experience. I also feel the impact from them much more than any other vitamins that I’ve tried, and the concept of 3D printing is just so cool!
My wife is really into her health and fitness as well, and she takes Nourished with her own specific blend of ingredients. It’s great that the same product can benefit individuals with completely different bodies, lifestyle, and goals!

Q. What is in your Vitamin Stacks?

Well I need a lot of extra nourishment while training as hard as I am, so I have 3 stacks a day with 21 different vitamins and nutrients in total.
Some of the most beneficial for my high endurance training are -
CoQ10 – Helps to deliver energy to cells and lower blood pressure
Cordyceps – Helps to improve stamina and athletic performance
Hydrocurc and Black Pepper Extract – Supports exercise recovery
Beetroot – Can boost exercise endurance, stamina and improve muscle recovery
Tart Cherry – Helps to improve endurance, performance, & reduces muscle damage
Ginseng – Helps to increase energy levels and is a powerful anti-inflammatory

About Eddie

Eddie Hall, originally from Newcastle-under-Lyme, is a former professional strongman and actor who is currently training for a hugely anticipated boxing match in Last Vegas in September 2021. He is the former World’s Strongest Man 2017 and previously held the world record for dead-lifting 500kg under strongman rules in 2016.

Eddie’s charisma, down to earth approach and inspirational journey has earnt him the admiration of millions of fans on an international level, who he continues to influence and motivate to achieve their dreams through his social media channels.

About Nourished

Nourished is the world’s first truly customised nutrition product. The tech start-up has developed a revolutionary method to combine seven different active ingredients into one daily personalised stack, using their innovative 3D printing technology and patented vegan encapsulation formula.

Consumers can choose their favourite vitamins and supplements on the website by either answering a short lifestyle questionnaire or simply by picking their own. The Nourished team then 3D prints their selection on-demand into convenient and tasty stacks which are less costly and less wasteful than if they were to purchase all the active ingredients separately.

The ingredients used in Nourished have been developed with a sugar free vegan encapsulation formula which allows them to combine multiple active ingredients without them interfering with each other. This method is completely unique in the vitamin industry and allows for true customisation and convenience. All the ingredients used in Nourished are vegan and allergen free, and the base formula is made of natural fruit and vegetable extracts combined with pectin as a gelling agent. Once a monthly supply of Nourished has been 3D printed, the stacks set in just minutes and are ready to be coated in sugar free erythritol and malic acid, before packed into plastic free and home compostable packaging.

Food safety is of the utmost importance to Nourished and as such all ingredients are sourced from vegan certified suppliers and have been lab tested multiple times for quality and consistency.

All Nourished products are certified MADE IN THE UK and are produced by the team in their headquarters in Digbeth, Birmingham.

Press Contact
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Contact Number: +44 7584252400

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