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skyda Daily Defence Lotion with SPF50

skyda Daily Defence Lotion with SPF50 - RRP £9 (50ml)

An affordable everyday SPF, developed by Dermatologists, with 5* protection

British skincare brand grüum have just launched their brand new affordable skyda Daily Defence Lotion (50ml, RRP £9) - a lightweight face lotion formulated to keep your skin fully protected from anything everyday life may throw at it.

With SPF50 and Vitamin E, skyda Daily Defence Lotion gives protection against a number of environmental stressors. This antioxidant product provides 5* UVA and high UVB protection against the sun’s harmful rays, as well as protecting skin from daily pollution and free radicals.

Its lightweight texture melts effortlessly into your skin, making it an ideal base for underneath make-up. Easily-absorbed and water resistant, this fragrance-free lotion has been developed by leading dermatologists, making it ideal for all skin-types, including...

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