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Hug Factor Award

NatureDoc, the UK’s leading family nutrition clinic, is pleased to announce the inaugural NatureDoc Hug Factor Awards 2020, given to outstandingly huggable brands in the family health space.

With social distancing, and especially with Lockdown 2.0, everyone needs more hugs, and the NatureDoc Hug Factor Awards were devised to be the next best thing to a real hug.

Lucinda Miller, founder of NatureDoc, explains:
“The idea for the Hug Factor Awards was developed as an antidote to all the stresses and strains that everyone is experiencing in lockdown. We wanted to celebrate and reward brands – particularly in the mother, baby and parenting sector – that are going the extra mile to give their customers a virtual hug. This may be through creating a unique product to help support people through this challenging time, or simply by offering a product that makes a small difference in making the day that little bit easier in the moment.

“A number of the award-winning brands are start-ups or have launched in the last five years. They truly deserve to be recognised for their dedication to health and wellbeing, especially with children.”

The winners of the NatureDoc Hug Factor Awards 2020 are:

HotTea Mama
HotTea Mama is the most gorgeous business making herbal tea designed for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Truly a hug in a mug, but backed up by science. The range includes gems like Milk’s Up, a breastfeeding blend that is jam packed with botanicals that have been used to increase milk supply for millennia.

Lucinda said: “I love the delicious range from HotTea Mama. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are times when you have to be careful of all sorts of things, but above all, you have to look after yourself, and a lovely cup of herbal tea does just that.”

Lizzie Loves
A start-up brand with a lovely range of children’s food supplements, Lizzie Loves was our original inspiration for the Hug Awards when they came up with a Be Sleepy-ccino recipe to promote their Be Sleepy product when the clocks went back.

Lucinda said: “Lizzie Loves is the ultimate huggable brand, with products to support children’s’ immunity, settle their tummies and help them get to sleep. The designs are clean but cosy, and their recent clock change kit with a Be Sleepy-ccino recipe to promote Be Sleepy was so cute!”

Necta & Hive
A honey specialist, the startup Necta & Hive produces delicious ‘super’ honeys such as Australian Jarrah honey that are more potent and more palatable to children than manuka.

Lucinda said: “Now that the NHS is recommending honey to fight coughs, medicinal honeys with documented antimicrobial properties like Manuka and Jarrah are even more in demand. In my clinic I find that Necta & Hive’s Jarrah honey is much more preferred by children than Manuka because its butterscotch flavour is milder and more palatable to them.

Pukka Herbs
Pukka is a longstanding favourite of ours. They have a really good focus on quality herbs and teas, and have retained their homely feel even as they have become so successful.

Lucinda said: “I’ve been a fan of Pukka for years. One thing I think they have done really well is to maintain their holistic appeal even as they have scaled. They have combined ethics with great products and professionalism.”

Raw Chocolate Company
Not just a chocolate fix, these raw chocolate-covered almonds, mulberries, goji berries etc. give you a burst of delicious and healthy nutrition too.

Lucinda said: “Even healthy food nuts like me need a bit of chocolate now and then, and raw chocolate is healthier for you. The Raw Chocolate Company’s chocolate coated mulberries are my favourite, with almonds a close second.”

Spots & Stripes
With a beautifully designed range of natural beauty and skincare products for tweens and teens, Spots & Stripes will get kids feeling good about themselves, zapping those spots and discovering deodorant.

Lucinda said: “The market has been crying out for a range of natural beauty and skincare products for this in-between age. It’s a pure genius way to teach teens and tweens how to look after their skin, and as a mum of three, I assure you that anything which reduces teenage odours makes them even more huggable!”

Unbeelievable Health
We all love bees, and Unbeelievable Health has a gorgeous range of research-based supplements with bee products, such as royal jelly and bee propolis, at the heart of them.

Lucinda said: “Unbeelievable Health stands out as such an unmistakeably natural brand, with immune-support products that have been flying off the shelves during Covid, and others that help a busy mum through the day: Be Rested, Bee Calm and Bee Energised.”

The NatureDoc Hug Factor Awards will be presented (virtually) to the above seven brands on Wednesday 25 November.

Lucinda adds:
“We hope that the Hug Factor Awards will provide some joy to these wonderful brands. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for their customers in 2021.”

To find out more about the award-winning brands and their product ranges visit [} or Instagram @naturedockids #HugFactorAwards

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Notes to Editor

About NatureDoc
NatureDoc is the country’s leading family nutrition clinic and – as well as a successful clinic - runs an online health food and supplement store.
Instagram: @naturedockids

About Lucinda Miller

Lucinda Miller is the founder of NatureDoc, and runs a team of UK-wide nutritional therapists specialising in pregnancy, baby and child nutrition. She and her team work closely with paediatricians, neurologists and psychiatrists. She has been practising as a naturopath for over 20 years, qualified in Functional Medicine and is author of the bestselling book The Good Stuff. Her second cook book will be published in May 2021. She is the mum of three and lives in Wiltshire.

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