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Oticon More - Collecting sounds

Introducing an entirely new way to support hearing loss, Oticon More is the world’s first hearing aid to let you hear all you need

Oticon has completely reinvented the way a hearing aid works! The new Oticon More™ hearing aid is the world’s first to give you access to ALL the sound you need to hear naturally, and it does this while still delivering a comfortable listening experience. Rather than simply focusing on speech, Oticon More™ lets you hear so much more, in a way that helps the auditory center in your brain interpret more of the sounds you are listening to. Oticon More™ has been trained to help your brain, the main tool for hearing, make sense of sound with 12 million ‘real-life’ sound scenes to ensure a sound experience like never before.

Copenhagen, Denmark, November 30th, 2020 – Hearing aid manufacturer, Oticon, has today announced the launch of the new, revolutionary Oticon More™ hearing aids. Introducing an entirely new way to support hearing loss, Oticon More is the world’s first hearing aid to let you hear all you need thanks to a Deep Neural Network (DNN) which supports your brain to work in the most natural and effective way. Your brain plays the most essential part in your hearing process, so it is vital that it is supported in the right way. Oticon More™ is breaking the mold to be the first hearing aid to provide your brain with access to all of the relevant sounds it needs, while ensuring sound remains comfortable. Oticon More™ is trained specifically to make it easier for you to handle a full sound scene, even in the really complex listening environments, such as a crowded party or a busy restaurant. Less limited by your hearing loss, you can enjoy life much more.

Oticon More™ mimics how your brain works
Oticon More™ is the next level in the evolution of advanced hearing aid technology. It signals a completely new understanding of how your brain works and the best possible way to help you hear. Introducing a new, intelligent Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology, which has been trained with 12 million sound scenes based on real-life sounds, Oticon More™ can recognize all the sounds of the world, their details, and how they should ideally sound. Oticon is the first hearing aid company to train an on-board DNN with sounds recorded outside of the lab, radically transforming the information your hearing aids help you to hear with. Oticon More™ continuously and automatically provides you with the optimal sound you need in any given situation, and it does all this while ensuring you are not overwhelmed by all the sounds around you.

“It is time for a new perspective in hearing care, and Oticon More is the solution,” says Ole Asboe Jørgensen, President, Oticon brand, Global. “We have long advocated the need to support the brain through hearing technology, and as a consequence, we have pioneered many technologies that are already helping our users to lead fuller lives. We understand that it is essential to give your brain as much sound information as possible in order to hear properly, which our recent research into how the brain works to handle sound confirms, clearly demonstrating that the brain needs access to a full sound scene in order to focus well.
Hearing aids should, put simply, help you to hear all you need, and comfortably. By limiting what you can hear to just a single person speaking for example, which most hearing aids do, your brain is forced to work harder in an unnatural way, and you can be cut off from other conversations around you. By helping the brain to process sound in the most natural way, we will better help reduce the health and life problems associated with untreated hearing loss, which almost all stem from the impact hearing loss has on the brain and the lack of social interaction as a result of it being too difficult to take part. We are so proud to be inventing hearing technology that will shape the hearing aids of tomorrow, and leading the way with the new, extraordinary Oticon More.”

Enjoy next-generation connectivity
Oticon More™ works in harmony with modern technology to deliver features that can benefit you in your everyday life:

• Made for iPhone and compatible with modern Android devices*, you can stream music, phone calls and more directly to your hearing aids from your smartphone.

• Take control of your hearing aids on your smartphone via the app, Oticon ON

• Connect with your Hearing Care Professional remotely via your phone for convenient online hearing aftercare (hearing aid adjustments etc.) with Oticon RemoteCare.

• No battery changes. With rechargeable batteries you can plug in your hearing aid in the evening and be fully charged for the next day after you have had a good night’s sleep. If you need to hear for longer, a super quick 30-minute charge will provide you with a six-hour power boost.

• Enjoy the benefits of internet connectivity. Access the IFTTT network to create life enhancing recipes with Smart devices, such as Alexa, doorbells, lighting and even a kettle.

• With Oticon’s handy accessories you can stream sound directly from your TV and other Bluetooth compatible devices.

To discover more about how Oticon More™ hearing aids help keep your brain healthy while letting you hear more, visit:

The new Oticon More™ will be made available from mid-December. Local availability will vary. Please check your local Oticon website or with your hearing care professional.

*for the full list, please check:


About Oticon
500 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. The majority are over the age of 50 while eight percent are under the age of 18. Oticon's vision is to create a world where people are no longer limited by hearing loss. A world where hearing aids fit seamlessly into life and help people realise their full potential, while avoiding the health consequences of hearing loss. Oticon develops and manufactures hearing aids for both adults and children and supports every kind of hearing loss from mild to profound and we pride ourselves on developing some of the most innovative hearing aids in the market. Headquartered in Denmark, we are a global company and part of Demant with more than 15,000 employees and revenues of over DKK 14 billion. Changing technology. Changing conventions. Changing lives. Oticon – Life-changing hearing technology.


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