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The all-new formula features 30+ vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes & probiotics that create the most advanced sustainable protein powder ever produced.

This year, Gymsect announced Aesthetic Blend's immediate availability. The 2nd generation Cricket Protein Powder, an exciting addition to the supplement family, features a cutting-edge formula that provides an unrivalled and unprecedented nutritional profile, supporting athletic goals like never before. Aesthetic Blend is available to order now directly at Gymsect

"Insects are the most sustainable protein in the world. The environmental and health benefits are incredible; we've revolutionised the supplement industry with the world's first advanced Entovegan formula by combining all the industry knowledge of proteins, vitamins and probiotics including our 2018 1st generation protein powders, Primal, Strength and Sculpt. With Aesthetic Blend, we're taking protein powders even further," said Alex Britten, Managing Director - Gymsect Co-Founder. "We know customers are already replacing their existing protein powders with Gymsect products, and we are incredibly confident in the release of Aesthetic Blend when studying pre-order data and pre-sale reviews.

Aesthetic Blend joins the existing Gymsect line in delivering an unparalleled taste experience. Each flavour has implemented advanced food technologies to reinvent how people consume edible insects around the globe.

All-New Protein
"Aesthetic Blend is more than sports nutrition. It represents a fundamental shift in consciousness and consumer demand. By unifying both personal and environmental benefits, we've created a moral way to aid athletic performance and enhance recovery. The revolutionary Entovegan formula provides a comprehensive nutritional profile, designed to give the body optimal support to train harder and smarter. Perfectly balanced and expertly finessed, the superior taste and unparalleled mouthfeel work together to present the ultimate sensory experience. Never before has a protein powder been so thoughtfully manufactured and with such attention to detail given to every element. Crafted from a desire for change and a better tomorrow, we've devised a way to help make a real difference, today." Jan-Michael Britten, Head Nutritionist And Product Development Manager - Gymsect Co-founder

Crickets are "The food of the future" and for a good reason:
They are 12 times more efficient than cattle at converting feed to edible protein, at least four times more efficient than pigs, and twice as efficient as chickens.
They require 15 times less water than cattle to produce 1kg of edible protein, at least five times less water than pigs, and just over four times less water than chickens.
They use 11 times less land than cattle to grow 1kg of edible protein, at least three times less land than pigs, and just under three times less land than chickens.
They produce nearly 3000 times less greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) than cattle to make 1kg of edible protein, just over 1000 times less GHG than pigs, and 300 times less GHG than chickens.
It stands to reason that an Entovegan diet presents the best pathway to success and for humanity to thrive.

An industry game-changer
Every aspect of Aesthetic Blend is devised in pursuit of perfection. Manufactured from Entovegan ingredients, the cutting-edge formula provides an unrivalled and unprecedented nutritional profile, supporting athletic goals like never before.

A taste of the best
Created to allow for total flexibility, Aesthetic Blend has a delicious, subtle, umami flavour, making it very easy to consume. Smooth and creamy, the expertly balanced formula is perfect anytime high-quality, nutrient-dense protein is required.

A better whey
Aesthetic Blend is a truly innovative and modern protein powder. Reflecting the growing demand for change, it exists to end nutritionally inferior, overly processed and environmentally unfriendly choices.

Peak performance
Aesthetic Blend is designed for athletes who need the ultimate in sports nutrition. In and out of the gym, the dependable, scientifically researched formula provides the optimal fuel to train harder and recover faster.

Recommended Usage
Aesthetic Blend can be consumed anytime high-quality nutrient-dense protein is required.
The two serving sizes make it easy to manage your intake:

1 - 2.5 Scoops (25g)
Add to 150ml of water or beverage of your choice and mix or blend.

2 - 4 Scoops (40g)
Add to 250ml of water or beverage of your choice and mix or blend.

More or less liquid can be used depending on personal preference.
For optimal taste and texture, add to non-dairy milk.
Once mixed, consume immediately.

About Gymsect
"Gymsect is the UK's leading producer of the highest-grade alternative protein powders available on today's market.
We were founded in 2018 to replace the over-reliance and unnecessary dependence on traditional animal-based protein sources.
Natural whole foods help you build and retain lean muscle, lose weight and live a healthy, well-balanced, conscientious lifestyle.
As the world evolves and the population soars, humankind is having to reevaluate the foods we consume. Insect consumption in the west will increase to become a staple of our diets.
Crickets are becoming renowned as the best alternative protein source due to their sustainability and superior health profile.
As plant proteins rise in popularity, so will insect-based ones." Jan-Michael Britten - Gymsect Co-Founder.

"Our goal at Gymsect is to help break down the taboo surrounding crickets and help people transition over to eating them.
That is why we have formulated our unique range of products. They merge the best of the insect and plant kingdoms to ensure a better you and a better planet. It's time for a change." Alex Britten - Gymsect Co-Founder

Pricing and Availability

Aesthetic Blend is available now for 44.97 GBP, and open to order directly from Gymsect
Aesthetic Blend comes in four delicious flavours Peanut, Chocolate Peanut, Caramel Latte and Vanilla.

Press Contact:
Alex Britten

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