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Contents of this release should not go live before 4th April 2021.

London, April 2021; Pooch & Mutt, British pet food brand, has launched its ‘Good Mood Food’ campaign, with Jenni Falconer leading the way to help raise awareness around dogs' mental health benefits in a video interview.

In a heart-warming interview, dog mum Jenni Falconer chatted with Kerry Irving, owner of ‘miracle dog’ Max, about the mental health highs and lows over the recent lockdown, and how their dogs have helped them to stay positive. “Lockdown has changed everything for everyone, it’s been challenging, it brought a whole new way of life, a lot of people have been working from home, and I worked from home for about 2 or 3 months and he (Jenni’s dog Alfie) loved it, he was by my side the whole time,” Jenni.

With many people finding themselves alone or working from home during the pandemic, dogs have been a great source of companionship, not just a friend to talk to but also a source of support, a reason to get out of the house to get some fresh air, and a positive influence on mental health.

Kerry explained that after two years of depression and serious thoughts of ending it all, a chance meeting with Max was the first stepping-stone in his road to recovery, “the small steps are key because you can’t cure depression overnight, it doesn’t go away, and for me, it was Max, because it literally changed my focus from self-devastation to wanting to see him again. That was the kick-starter, to actually have a dog that showed interest in me when I thought the whole world was losing me.”

Pooch & Mutt ambassador Max, otherwise known as Max out in the Lake District was recently awarded the PDSA Order of Merit. Over the last year, he has been sharing his adventures with spaniel brothers Harry & Paddy across Facebook Live streams, where thousands of people tune in daily. Kerry said “at first it was a bit of fun, but then you suddenly start to realise how much people were depending on that 15 -20 minutes a day to get that bit of release. It’s the power of the dogs, and the countryside and that sense of freedom and normality. It’s what Max means to other people, it’s what lifts their spirits.”

Having received thousands of messages and letters of thanks from Max’s fans, Kerry described how sharing the story of his mental health journey, has encouraged many others to talk about their own mental health, “one of the key factors of having had depression and recovering from depression is the ability to talk about it, and also having the ability to listen to other people who want to tell you their story.“

Pooch & Mutt’s mission is to raise awareness of the mental health benefits that dogs bring, especially during a time when many people have relied on their dog for emotional support, and have benefitted from their natural calming abilities. As the number of dogs purchased or rehomed through the pandemic has soared, and something that Jenni and Kerry went on to discuss, it is just as important to ensure that dog owners pay attention to their pet’s mental wellbeing to help them thrive.

The brand has put a focus on creating health led food by using the power of positive nutrition to help pooches feel good. They believe that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.

Veterinary Surgeon Dr Linda Simon commented, “As is true of humans, the brain and the body of our canines are closely intertwined. It is rarely possible for one to be healthy when the other is not. More recently in veterinary medicine, we are focusing on a pet’s mental well-being rather than just their physical health, as our understanding of how the two are closely connected grows.”

The brand takes a scientific approach to product development, and alongside fresh natural ingredients, they use natural supplements commonly found in the human diet to help provide dogs optimal health and help prevent problems before they arise.

Their dry food functional range, in particular, includes products that contain specific ingredients to help target some important areas of canine health and help dogs to feel great, including:

- Calm & Relaxed for anxious or excitable dogs

- Health & Digestion for dogs with a sensitive stomach

- Joint Care to aid mobility

In regard to the Joint Care food Vet Linda said, "you may not necessarily think that joint care and mental health go hand in hand, but it's actually a real issue in the UK and a large number of dogs have joint disease. A lot of dogs have chronic joint pain and a dog in pain is not a happy dog, so actually if we can control their joint pain we can get them in a much better headspace. Using food can really help, of course alongside other things such as pain relief and massage, but food is a really big part in reducing joint disease and reducing inflammation, and helping your dog to feel better in their body."

Guy Blaskey, founder of Pooch & Mutt said, “Today, pet owners care more and more about their dog’s mood and behaviour, and by feeding a healthy diet that is tailored to their needs and helps them to feel great both physically and mentally, owners can rest assured knowing that they are helping their dog to live their best life.”

The video interview will go live on Pooch & Mutt’s Facebook page on Sunday 4th April at 9am.

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About Pooch & Mutt

Pooch & Mutt was founded in 2007 as a healthy mainstream alternative to the junk filled ‘Big Pet Food’ brands on the market. Founder, Guy Blaskey, did a lot of running with his dog (and company mascot) Pepper. At the time there were other good quality pet foods emerging on the market, but none that embraced the power of positive nutrition, that you see in sports nutrition. Working with some of the top nutritionists in the UK, Guy developed the Pooch & Mutt food range, to not only cut out the junk of mass-produced pet foods, but to include positive nutrition, such as supplements and nutraceuticals, to help owners make healthier choices for their pets and help their dogs lead happy, healthy lives. Pooch and Mutt believe firmly that pets’ mental health is of equal importance to the physical, and constantly look for ingredients to promote that side of wellbeing. Pooch & Mutt makes complete, grain-free dry and wet food for dogs and cats, as well as natural supplements, treats and chews.

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