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Jaymie Moran Cofounder of Body Smart

Health Coach Reveals How Adele Ate 3,000 Calories a Day and Lost 100lbs

Superstar songstress, Adele, shocked the world with her dramatic 100lb weight loss, and a UK health coach has revealed how she could have achieved this by eating 3,000 calories a day.

Jaymie Moran, the co-founder of online coaching company, Body Smart, turned super sleuth to delve into Adele’s nutrition and exercise habits to lift the lid on her impressive transformation.

Jaymie said, “At this time of year, people will be looking to celebrities like Adele for inspiration for their 2022 goals. At Body Smart, we like to deliver the facts, not fads, of fat loss, so it was important to us to show how a realistic weight loss transformation can be achieved without restrictive diets. Adele is the perfect example of this, so we delved into her numbers, and it’s very plausible that she achieved her 100lb weight loss by eating over 3,000 calories a day.”

Jaymie revealed the secrets of Adele’s transformation in an in-depth video on Body Smart’s YouTube channel and shared his findings with the online coaching company’s 800,000+ Instagram followers.

“Many people were shocked that Adele could lose that much weight while consuming thousands of calories a day,” said Jaymie. “But we went into the numbers in depth on this video to demonstrate the science of your metabolism and how to achieve a calorie deficit to lose weight like Adele did,” said Jaymie.

NHS guidelines recommend eating and drinking 500 calories a day less for healthy weight loss. 1lb of fat is roughly the equivalent of 3,500 calories, so across the course of a week, reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories a day will elicit a 1lb weight loss per week.

“When you look at Adele’s transformation, losing 100lbs took her two years or roughly just under 1lb a week when you calculate the total weight lost against the time it took to achieve it. Because Adele is notoriously private and kept herself out of the public eye, many people were shocked at her transformation, but she did lose her weight in a safe and sensible time frame.”

“Many people have been surprised that Adele could have achieved this while eating over 3,000 calories a day. I must stress that at 5 foot 9 inches tall, Adele will naturally need more calories to function each day than the average woman who is 5 ft 3 inches tall. Adele also revealed in her interviews with Oprah that she works out three times a day with a combination of weight training, cardio and hiking. As an extremely active person, Adele will therefore require more calories than the average person working out three times a week, not three times a day.”

Using the Body Smart calorie calculator, (, the Body Smart team were able to input Adele’s stats of her sex, height, age and starting weight to deduce that in order to maintain her weight before her transformation, she’d be able to consume 3,710 calories per day. A 500 a day calorie deficit coupled with her intense daily workouts meant Adele would have been able to lose 1lb a week while eating and drinking 3,210 calories per day.

“The more you weigh, the more calories your body needs to function. As Adele lost weight, her body required fewer calories to function and move her lighter frame. This is why we always advise anyone frustrated with their weight loss stalling, especially after losing a significant amount of weight, to recalculate their calorie targets for fat loss. For example, we calculated after Adele lost her first 50lbs, her body would need 230 fewer calories a day to function.”

Jaymie and the Body Smart team also delved into the rumours of the Sirt Food diet being the reason Adele lost weight, saying, “She’s since come out and said she did not follow the Sirt Food diet. Even if she had, the principle of weight loss is still the same. The Sirt Food diet puts the dieter in a calorie deficit resulting in weight loss.”

For anyone thinking of following suit with a transformation inspired by Adele, Jaymie had these words of advice, “Don’t just think because Adele was able to eat over 3,000 calories a day and lose weight that you could do too. Your calorie targets for fat loss are unique to you and your lifestyle, so it is vital that you calculate your unique calorie goals and learn how to track your calorie intake accurately.”

Jaymie concluded, “I think the most impressive thing about Adele’s transformation is that she did it for the right reasons; for her mental health, to reduce anxiety and to be a better parent. If anyone is thinking of losing weight in 2022, give yourself the gift of the whole year and focus on consistent mindset, nutrition and fitness habits rather than restrictive fads.”


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