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Hayaty Natural Products

Luxury, natural products made to pamper yourself and your skin: Egyptian Recovery Face Cream and Egyptian Blessed Night Seed Oil

Hayaty Natural is inspired by the ancient Egyptian approach to beauty and believes in the health of the body both inside and out. Our e-commerce store has officially launched with two exceptional new products: Egyptian Recovery Face Cream and Egyptian Blessed Night Seed Oil which are targeted to support and optimize the skin’s natural night recovery process. Hayaty Natural believes that the ideals of ancient Egyptian beauty stand as true today as ever and stand out from the traditional standards of beauty. Founded by Randa Zaid, was created on this belief and hopes to guide many to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Randa Zaid, 29, was born in Egypt and raised in Italy. She graduated from The Catholic University of Milan with a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage and has been living in the UK since 2017. For as long as she can remember, Randa has struggled with both an eating disorder and an obsession to conform to the socially acceptable standards of beauty. This stemmed from peer pressure and the constant search for anything that could make her look ‘better’. Fortunately, Randa’s turning point came during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was during this time that she realised her priority should be to look after her health and overall lifestyle. “Now, more than ever we must listen to our body's needs, starting from our biggest and most protective organ, the skin,” says Randa.

She figured out that a beautiful body or ‘socially accepted’ body means nothing without good health as the foundation.

Randa believes that a holistic approach was the ideal way to go and that she needed to embrace it wholeheartedly in her life. This approach covers every aspect of a person’s wellbeing; physical, emotional, social and spiritual. With this ideal, she gave birth to Hayaty, meaning ‘My Life’, which brings forward the notion of catering for every need of the body. The brand believes in formulating self-care products to support the body as part of its self-healing journey. This is done with the use of scientifically backed, non-invasive, plant-based ingredients, inspired by the same ingredients used in ancient Egypt. “If we are still so fascinated with ancient Egyptian beauty and the preserved bodies in this day and age, it must prove that they really had good anatomy knowledge,” says Randa.

Hayaty is heavily inspired by Ancient Egyptian self-care routines and recipes, which involved blending together medicinal plants, that were used for the skin. The brand is on a mission to bring back these ancient recipes which were 100% plant based. They used ingredients such as black seed, lupin seed extract, fenugreek, onion oil, lotus, marjoram, and frankincense which were all sourced from the pharaoh’s homeland. Hayaty sources its packaging and other complementary ingredients, such as plant stem cells and alga nori, from Italy, a much-loved country by Egyptians.

With these consciously sourced ingredients, Hayaty has formulated its first two products: Egyptian Recovery Face Cream and Egyptian Blessed Night Seed Oil. The Recovery Face Cream is a night time self-healing product which is easily absorbed into the skin achieving a restored, protected and illuminating result. It was created specifically to support and optimise the skin’s natural night time recovery process. The Blessed Night Seed Oil is an ultra-luxurious oil formulated from the brand’s hero ingredient which is black seed or “blessed seed” as the ancient Egyptians called it. It’s light consistency and fast absorption make it a perfect match to the recovery cream as they work together for exceptional skin health. Known as “THE PHARAONIC DUO,” both products make up a perfect de-stress night time routine for a well- functioning, naturally balanced complexion.

Hayaty’s sustainable and FSC certified packaging is inspired by Egyptian Hieroglyphics - each one representing the brand’s core beliefs including nature’s mysteries, regeneration, rejuvenation, rebirth, life and stability. The brand supports diversity and is inclusive to all genders, as self-care in Ancient Egypt was a pillar in the daily life of all genders. The two new products are suitable for all skin types and will guide you to know the amount of product you need to use based on your skin type.

As a socially responsible brand and a fair-trade company, Hayaty ensures that it’s ideals are not just written out for the page. We take part in every step in the journey of our products. Hayaty is supplied by a certified ‘Back to Nature’ company in Egypt. They also work with local communities in Southern Egypt. The brand ensures workers’ rights, equal opportunities, safe working conditions and fair pay.

Hayaty donates 2% of each of its products profits to the charity Beat Eating Disorders in the UK and to charities in each of the countries where it operates, which includes Gruppi di Volontariato Vincenziano, Italy and APF, Egypt.

An Ancient Egyptian Proverb states ‘All organs work together to function as a whole’. Hayaty strives for its community to remain healthy by employing techniques such as self-care, which in turn helps to boost self-esteem, give physical rewards, safeguard our heart and protect the immune system.

Clients can enjoy 10% off as well as free delivery on orders above 100 GBP when they sign up on the website, using the code Hayaty10.

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