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Most electronic components have been used for less than a quarter of their lifespan and we can’t afford to waste them”.

A UK sustainable electronics leader has unveiled a new video to show how together we can combat the environmental insufficiencies that plague the electronics industry.
In2tec, a manufacturer of flexi and flexi-hibrid printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), has innovated throughout its’ 25 years in electronics, pushing boundaries in process and placement capabilities within additive manufacturing. The video has been created to help raise awareness of the effects that the current approach to manufacturing electronics assemblies has on the planet.
Ewaste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world as electronic devices increasingly underpin our lives, yet when they reach the end of their usable life they will be buried, burned, or sent to landfill, leaching toxins into our earth and water table. They cause serious harm and will never break down!
Most materials surrounding the electronics are stripped for recycling or reuse, such as the outer casings and mechanical parts, but with current printed circuit board assemblies the electronic components and substrates cannot. Each year over 58 million metric tons of ewaste is generated globally, and sadly over 60Bn US dollars ($) of valuable components are wasted.

In2tec provides a solution to these problems with their unique ReUSE® and ReCYCLE® technology.
"We developed this video to help to communicate exactly what our future generations are facing due to the way we deal with electronics today” says Emma Armstrong, Sustainable Electronics Ambassador at In2tec Ltd. “Many people believe that when they send their used electronics for recycling that they’ve done their bit to help the environment, but that isn’t the case. Most electronic components have been used for less than a quarter of their lifespan and we can’t afford to waste them”.

In2tec’s solution is a simple one, an unzippable PCBA that allows the electronic components to be removed and reused in other technologies. This high-tech solution uses the same manufacturing principles that have underpinned their Smart HMI technologies for over 25 years. In using proprietary electronics design and manufacturing techniques along with patented conductive adhesives, inter-layer adhesives, printed inks and dielectrics, In2tec deliver printed circuit board assemblies with 100% recyclability, allowing for the components to re-enter the supply chain.
“As highlighted in the video we can provide sustainable electronics for OEMs, but to make a real difference to our planet we need to share the technology and help them to deliver it”.
The processes involved in the ReUSE® and ReCYCLE® programs offer both manufacturers and recyclers additional revenue opportunities through the reuse and resale of valid components, and the process is ultra-low energy. The entire supply chain wins due to the recoverable value, delivering true circularity for the electronics industry”.
“We are excited to be able provide the closed-loop system that could quite literally save the planet for our future generations” Armstrong concluded.

For more information about the In2tec video or In2tec Ltd please contact Celeste Clarke at: or call 07799064066
The In2tec video is viewable here:

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