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Location: Lisbon, Portugal

In an era where travel dreams are as diverse as the landscapes to explore, Indie Campers has emerged as the go-to marketplace for road trips, captivating the hearts of travelers in Europe, North America, and most recently, Oceania. Founded in 2013 by two friends, Indie Campers embarked on a mission to democratize road trips by diversifying travel experiences and making them more accessible to millions worldwide.

In an exclusive “A moment with: Hugo Oliveira” CBS interview, the CEO and Founder of Indie Campers embarked on a captivating mini-road trip aboard one of their iconic campervan models. This journey set the stage for a conversation that delved into the roots of this international enterprise and looked further into the future of the company and the travel industry.

Today, Indie Campers is present in over 70 locations across three continents, with a remarkable fleet of more than 7,000 vehicles. However, it was amidst the landscapes of Australia that Hugo Oliveira first found his passion for van travel. Captivated by the freedom it offered, he was inspired to make this experience accessible to adventurers across the globe. Returning to Portugal, Hugo's vision took root with just three vans—a humble beginning that would soon become an international phenomenon.

But beyond the numbers, Hugo Oliveira's vision was deeply rooted in the service they provided and the extraordinary experiences they curated. As he passionately expressed during the CBS interview, "We have the power to change how people have fun, and that's a blessing."

In an era where many businesses chase fleeting success, Indie Campers' vision differs. Hugo envisions Indie Campers not as a mere company but as a vehicle for lasting change in the travel landscape. His focus is on crafting a company and product that withstands the test of time—making road trips not only affordable but also convenient. Diversity plays a huge role in this ambition. Their team comprises over 350 individuals from more than 40 nationalities across 23 countries, In Hugo's words, "Without an international team, we could not create an international organization."

Incorporating new road trip destinations and innovative Business Models

Geographical expansion has played a pivotal role in Indie Campers' growth and ambition. In 2021, the company ventured across continents with its expansion into North America. Fast forward to 2023, Indie Campers is setting foot in Oceania with its recent expansion to Australia and New Zealand.

To ensure road trips are accessible to all, the company has diversified its business model beyond geographical expansion. Originally centered on short-term RV rentals, Indie Campers now offers long-term campervan subscriptions, operates a marketplace for campervan owners to share their vehicles, and even includes an RV sales unit for dedicated campers looking to own their mobile homes. This diversification caters to the diverse needs of their ever-growing customer base.

The booming campervan market and the electric opportunity

The campervan and RV market are experiencing a surge in demand. This growth can be attributed to the rising popularity of experiential travel and the social media phenomenon surrounding #vanlife. In a world where luxury hotels and resorts were traditionally seen as the pinnacle of dream vacations, the preference for campervan rentals reveals the diverse nature of people's travel dreams.

A statistic underscores this shift: 60% of Indie Campers travelers embark on a campervan adventure for the first time. This not only highlights the experiential essence of the industry but also underscores the potential of campervan rentals to ignite curiosity among a broader audience, rendering campervan travel less niche and more accessible.

But while the industry is booming, sustainability is a pressing concern for the future of travel, In a pivotal move for Indie Campers, this year marks a significant milestone—the introduction of the first electric vehicles (EVs) into their fleet, which will play a crucial role in advancing the campervan industry toward sustainability. However, this transition has its challenges. One of the core features of campervan travel is its promise of independence—the freedom to explore off-the-grid destinations. Autonomy, in terms of range and access to charging infrastructure, is crucial for a smooth transition to electric vehicles, for this reason encountering a robust EV charger coverage, especially in remote areas, emerges as a pressing concern. This infrastructure isn't just vital for the success of EVs but is a crucial cornerstone for the entire industry.

More on the CEO and the Interview Series

Indie Campers' CEO and Founder, Hugo Oliveira, shared his insights and vision for the company during an exclusive interview with CBS. The interview series delves deep into Indie Campers' history, values, and journey from its humble beginnings to its current status as a global road trip marketplace.

The CBS series "A Moment With" is dedicated to sharing the captivating stories of visionary leaders and entrepreneurs who have not only disrupted industries but also defied the odds. Produced by TBD Media, this latest series takes these individuals and provides them with a platform to share their remarkable journeys. Through intimate interviews, viewers gain profound insights into how these life experiences have molded their destinies, fueled their ambitions, and led them to the pinnacle of success.

About Indie Campers

Indie Campers, founded in 2013, is a pioneering force in the campervan and RV rental industry. With a presence in over 70 locations across Europe, North America, and Oceania, the company offers a diverse range of campervans and RVs to cater to every traveler's needs. Indie Campers is dedicated to making road trips accessible, enhancing travel experiences, and fostering a sense of independence among its customers.

For more information about Indie Campers and to explore their offerings, visit the Indie Campers website.

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