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PhilTower PowerX

Strategic collaboration marks a significant step forward in PhilTower's modernisation of Philippine tower networks

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 20 Nov. 2023 – Phil-Tower Consortium Inc. (PhilTower), the Philippines' leading towerco, and PowerX, the market-leading data intelligence platform for optimising tower energy infrastructure, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that sees PhilTower roll out PowerX across its network to optimise power assets, uptime performance and energy efficiency.

The collaboration represents a further step in PhilTower's ongoing journey to modernise asset management practices, enhance network visibility, and boost energy efficiency.

Since its acquisition of 1,350 cell towers from Globe in September 2022, PhilTower has been working diligently to transition and modernise the sites, with the first batch of towers fully operational within just five months. PhilTower has been continuously striving to establish efficient end-to-end operations from day one to support the smooth transition and operationalisation of all towers as governed by the sale and leaseback deal.

Advanced data intelligence and visualisation from PowerX will enable PhilTower to automate insights and speed up business and operational decisions for right-sizing power systems and optimising assets distribution across the portfolio. Integrating PowerX data intelligence platform into its Operations stack will also enable PhilTower to automate fast detection of operational inefficiencies, prioritise improvements and reduce mean time to repair faults. The benefits will lead to improved CAPEX and OPEX decisions, enabling PhilTower to scale sustainably and deliver a modern, fully digitised towerco infrastructure choice in the Philippines.

Currently, 90% of PhilTower's sites in the Philippines include generators for power back up despite relatively good grid. PhilTower’s mid-term ambition is to add renewable power generation options for their sites.

Devid Gubiani, CEO at PhilTower, said: “PhilTower takes pride in leading the region's digital transformation journey. We are steadfast in our commitment to elevating cell tower infrastructure management and performance to always greater standards, all while delivering top-tier service to our valued mobile operator partners. Our collaboration with PowerX is a testament to this dedication. PowerX's profound understanding of PhilTower's requirements instils confidence in our shared vision for revolutionizing connectivity through digitalisation. Together, we are harnessing advanced technologies to meet the demands of the industry, driving innovation and excellence in telecommunications."

PT Pawar, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of PhilTower, said: “This collaboration underscores our pioneering role in the region, leveraging advanced and actionable deep data, AI and machine learning analytics for network efficiency. The results of our work to date speak volumes. The automation of network analytics at scale from PowerX has significantly reduced time to identify the specific sites with opportunity to optimise and the actions required to better dimension our sites for cost-efficient power and uptime. The PowerX platform has already empowered our operations teams to take action and drive operational excellence. This step is about enhancing network performance, enabling smooth asset ownership transitions, and integrating data intelligence for future energy programs. I look forward to seeing our partnership with PowerX help realise these goals.”

Andrew Schafer, CEO at PowerX, said: “We are delighted to partner with PhilTower, deploying the PowerX platform to help achieve their goals of delivering an efficient, resilient and sustainable network. Our approach leverages advanced data science capabilities and tools at scale across diverse data sets to unearth hidden inefficiencies, prioritise action and manage integrated workflows to resolution. This is especially crucial to support PhilTower's rapid operationalisation of newly acquired tower sites from Globe. The PhilTower leadership team’s unwavering commitment to innovation and network performance aligns seamlessly with our mission to transform the mobile network industry. Together, we are enthusiastic about introducing these ground-breaking advantages to the Philippines, driving a new standard for network intelligence and site efficiency."

About PhilTower
PhilTower is an Independent Tower Company in the Philippines registered with the Department of Information Communication and Technology. PhilTower designs, builds and operates digital infrastructure in partnership with Mobile Network Operators (MNO). It is a joint investment between Macquarie Capital and Pan-Asian Digital Shared Infrastructure group: Global Network, Inc. With a comprehensive portfolio of deployment, PhilTower also provides innovative outdoor solutions such as camouflage sites, micro poles, green towers, and smartpoles. Find out more:

PhilTower Media Contact
Kalvin Laurence Antonio B. Parpan
+63 956-512-4541

About PowerX Technology
PowerX Technology, PowerX, a Software-as-a-Service company, provides the market-leading data intelligence platform for managing and optimising energy assets. The platform’s advanced data science tools and workflows, integrated with enterprise business processes, deliver efficiency, resilience and sustainability for critical asset operations. In telecommunications, for example, the PowerX solution has achieved auditable 15%-30%+ energy and maintenance cost reductions, asset utilisation improvements, CO2 emission reductions and revenue assurance.
PowerX is a highly scalable, hardware agnostic platform that is quick and easy to deploy. The solution leverages AI to automate improvements and processes at scale helping operational teams identify inefficiencies, prioritise responses and manage to resolution with detailed diagnostics and integrated workflows. The result is enterprise-wide visibility, specific insights and automated control actions, with increased workforce productivity, reduced cost and site-level efficiencies at scale across large, distributed estates. Find out more:

PowerX Media Contact
Kendall Nield
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