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StrongHands (SHND), a resilient and community-driven memecoin launched in 2015, integrating both PoS and PoW mechanisms, has survived multiple crypto bear markets and is now listed on major exchanges like

Japan - June 17, 2024 —

Coins rising and falling with remarkable speed, driven by market speculation, technological advancements, and shifting investor sentiment is a normal day in the cryptocurrency world. This dynamic environment has seen countless digital currencies make headlines with their meteoric rises, only to fade into obscurity just as quickly. Thus, while some coins manage to carve out a lasting presence, many others struggle to maintain relevance. Few coins manage to weather the relentless storms of bear markets and emerge stronger in the volatile world of cryptocurrency. StrongHands (SHND), launched in 2015, is one such coin. Known as the miners' memecoin, StrongHands is a testament to loyalty and resilience, having survived multiple crypto winters and gaining respect along the way.

Since its inception, StrongHands has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to its community and principles. The coin's survival through two significant crypto bear markets speaks volumes about its stability and the dedication of its holders. This is hardly surprising as loyalty, and persistence is the philosophy guiding StrongHands. These values have cemented its reputation in the crypto community, garnering respect and admiration. The coin's credibility is further validated by its listings on several prominent cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinstore, XT, Fameex, and Biconomy., in particular, is a significant platform for SHND trading.

Known as the world’s first socially infused trading platform, announced the listing of SHND in its Innovation Zone (MeMes). Trading for the SHND/USDT pair commenced on May 24, 2024, marking a major milestone for StrongHands and opening new avenues for traders and enthusiasts to engage with the coin.

StrongHands operates on a hybrid consensus mechanism that integrates both Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-Work (PoW), providing a robust and energy-efficient framework. With a maximum supply of 29 billion coins, SHND rewards its PoS miners with 2500 coins per block, incentivizing long-term commitment by requiring a 30-day holding period. On the PoW side, miners utilizing Bitcoin ASICs are rewarded with 1800 coins per block, as SHND is a SHA256 coin. This dual approach not only enhances network security but also ensures a fair distribution of rewards among participants.

SHND serves as the financial backbone of the StrongHands ecosystem, a community-driven and open-source project. This ecosystem includes a decentralized exchange (DEX) and a masternode coin, further diversifying its applications and use cases. The community has also developed a dedicated finance token (ISHND) on the Binance Smart Chain, with plans for bridging other layer-1 and layer-2 chains.

The ethos of StrongHands was articulated by its creator, Jackson Briggs, in 2015. He envisioned a cryptocurrency that addresses the pervasive issue of disloyalty within the crypto community. StrongHands is built on the principle that only the most committed participants—those with "strong hands"—will succeed. This philosophy is encapsulated in the coin's name and its enduring presence in the market. Moreover, the StrongHands community plays a pivotal role in the project's ongoing development. This open and collaborative environment encourages anyone to contribute, fostering innovation and growth. The community's efforts have led to the creation of various tools and platforms that enhance the functionality and reach of SHND.

Albin Warin, CEO of XT, verbally shared his enthusiasm regarding the listing of the SHND coin on their platform. "We are thrilled to welcome StrongHands to XT Crypto Exchange as their innovative approach using both proof-of-stake and proof-of-work in their system is truly impressive. Their commitment to enhancing energy efficiency and network security also aligns perfectly with our values. We believe that the integration of SHND will offer our users unique opportunities within the DeFi space, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact this project will have on the broader cryptocurrency community."

Founded in 2018, XT has rapidly grown to serve over 6 million registered users and boasts more than 500,000 monthly active users. The platform offers a diverse range of trading categories, including crypto futures trading and copy trading, which allows users to replicate top traders in real-time. XT's commitment to providing a secure, trusted, and intuitive trading experience has made it a leading player in the crypto exchange landscape.

StrongHands (SHND) is more than just a memecoin; it is a symbol of loyalty, resilience, and community spirit in the cryptocurrency world. Its journey from 2015 to the present day, marked by significant exchange listings and a dedicated community, underscores its potential and promise. As SHND begins its journey to being a top meme coin, it remains a symbol for those who believe in the enduring power of strong hands in the crypto landscape.

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