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try these 7 handy tips to beat those Monday Blues and lighten your mood!

Blue Monday (16th January 2017) is reported to be the most depressing day of the year. With the New Year in full swing, diets and fitness routines beginning and the colder weather creeping in, it is no wonder many are feeling down in the dumps. So why not try these 7 handy tips to beat those Monday Blues and lighten your mood!

TIP 1: Change your perspective

Clayton John Ainger, a motivational speaker and author of best-selling book The Ego’s Code, describes how negativity is in fact, a very natural and normal process. “By labelling negativity as bad, we provide it with more fuel. By changing our perspective on negativity and the meaning behind it will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your life. Feeling down is not meant to hinder you, it is there to learn from, so embrace your negativity and move on,” he says.

TIP 2: Book a Winter Sun break

The summer months are the most popular time for sun holidays, but there are plenty of opportunities to escape to warmer, sunnier weather during the winter months. Booking a sunny break can increase your levels of serotonin which can make you feel more calm and focused as well as making you feel more productive when you return to normal life. “Holidays are a great way to break your stress cycle and promote positivity and there are some great savings to be made in the winter months”, explains Debbie Stevens from The Cruise Line The Cruise Line.

TIP 3: Book a Staycation

If your bank balance doesn’t allow for an extravagant holiday abroad, why not book a long weekend away instead? If you are in need of a rural escape from city life, look out for some of the countryside’s hidden gems, like Stapleford Park in Leicestershire . From outdoor pursuits like off-road driving, a round of golf on an award-winning course and luxury treatments in their on-site spa, it is amazing how refreshed you will feel after 48 hours away from everyday life!

TIP 4: Snuggle under the Covers

It is ok to admit you are having a blue day, so don’t bother trying to fight it! Once you’ve finished work for the day, transform your bedroom into a tranquil sanctuary where you can take the time and rest you need. Stephen Volkins from Big Brand Beds has this sound advice. “Make sure it is dark and a comfortable temperature with a source of light air flow, and remove light sources like TVs and LED clocks. Take a tip from Feng Shui and make your room softly curved and coolly coloured – avoid sharp angles and dominant colour schemes in order to calm the mind and spirit for a really relaxing night’s sleep.”

TIP 5: Identify your negative thinking triggers

What sends your thinking into a spiral of negativity? Does seeing your friends going on great nights out on Facebook make you feel inadequate? Or perhaps you have some people in your life who are negative and that brings you down. It could even be the news on the TV before bedtime that send you to bed feeling unsettled or bad. Once you know your triggers you can avoid them or cut down on them, advises NLP Master Trainers Karen Meager and John McLachlan from Monkey Puzzle Training.

TIP 6: Beat the blues with a brew

Tea has a range of psychological and physical health benefits that can improve your wellbeing. The fantastic drink has been used for centuries across the world to help with relaxation, improve spirituality, nourishment and healing and speciality teas have a range of exciting ingredients that promote health. “Studies reveal that tea can increase blood flow, lower anxiety and improve sleep quality and blends such as peppermint, rooibos and green can fight against insomnia, regulate blood sugar and stimulate your metabolism”, explains Paresh Thakkar, founder of Oteas.

TIP 7: Challenge the rut

Carla Watson and Shelley La Mancusa, authors of Getting Out of a Rut suggest that the only way to combat self-improvement is to concentrate on who and what you surround yourself with. “It is hard enough sometimes for us to get out of bed in the mornings and shower ourselves with compliments, without the aid of other people commenting on the choices you make. A supportive network of friends and family is vital to achieving inner happiness and avoid negativity,” explains Carla and Shelley.

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