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Adam Sherlock, CEO, ProductLife Group

PLG inVolv makes sophisticated social listening easy and convenient by using preloaded algorithms and machine-learning technology

PLG inVolv™, a SaaS solution with a managed service option, is the result of an exclusive partnership with Volv, a specialist in powerful artificial-intelligence-based social listening technology for life sciences

DIA EuroMeeting, Glasgow, Scotland — 29 March 2017 — ProductLife Group (PLG), which specialises in helping life sciences companies stay ahead of the changing R&D landscape, has launched PLG inVolv™, a powerful artificial-intelligence-based social media listening solution to help the industry meet its pharmacovigilance obligations.

As the latest addition to ProductLife Group’s leading pharmacovigilance and risk management services offerings and designed to complement rather than replace existing product vigilance and clinical safety systems, this new and innovative solution is the result of an exclusive collaboration with Volv Partners, a specialist in artificial-intelligence-based social media listening technology for life sciences and medical markets.

A major strength is the tool’s rapid impact and sharp focus. PLG inVolv is easy to deploy as either a hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription or a complete managed service, and it’s programmed to learn what to look out for, so time and budget don’t get lost in an analysis of irrelevant social noise.

“PLG inVolv makes sophisticated social listening easy and convenient by using preloaded algorithms and machine-learning technology that enables high-targeting analytics of Web and social media activity,” said Adam Sherlock, CEO of ProductLife Group. “In this way, it cost-efficiently meets the latest regulatory requirements around the de-risking of product use and around increases in patient centricity.”

The solution’s accuracy, which begins at more than 80% even before the system has learned what to look out for and what to discard, has been robustly tested: repeated scans of digital channels consistently find the same mentions.

Organisations ranging from those involved in pharma, medical devices, veterinary drugs and cosmetics can use PLG inVolv to:

• Improve the sensitivity and focus of existing safety and vigilance systems
• Fulfil growing regulatory demands around Web and social channel monitoring—and in a transparent way that keeps within strict privacy guidelines
• Tap into the large volumes and wealth of real-world feedback that remain otherwise unrecorded and unreported—and in a highly targeted and cost-efficient way
• Strengthen patient relationships, improve levels of trust, and create closer customer connections. PLG inVolv also supports new opportunities to engage with markets via digital channels while respecting strict rules about patient privacy.

PLG inVolv is also very flexible. It can be configured without reprogramming, and its open technology and optimised interface make it easy to integrate with existing regulatory affairs regulatory information management, safety, and pharmacovigilance management platforms such as Oracle Argus and ArisGlobal.

“There is no need to discard existing tools: we’ve designed PLG’s inVolv solution to be universally compatible with all of your existing technologies and made listening models to be really simple; you can start your organisational vigilance easily and—importantly—relevantly,” said Volv Partners CEO Christopher Rudolf.

PLG inVolv is a subscription-based SaaS solution that runs in a secure, private cloud. It can be deployed in four main ways as follows.

• ProductLife Group can run it on a company’s behalf, as a complete managed service, by using the insight to report events back to life sciences industry clients—typically, a pharmacovigilance team.
• Life sciences companies or consultancies providing services on behalf of life sciences companies can use the service themselves to perform social listening.
• Life sciences companies can take a hybrid approach by doing some work themselves and leaving other aspects to ProductLife Group, all of it provisioned through the same common social listening platform.
• ProductLife Group, via its medical science or regulatory information management consultancy practices, can perform gap analysis on an existing social media listening system to prompt continuous improvement.

Volv Partners specialises in applying advanced technologies—including sophisticated machine-learning and advanced predictive capabilities—to the latest complex challenges health-care and life sciences organisations face. “The partnership with Volv is an important enabler in our continued mission to keep life sciences clients ahead of regulatory requirements,” Adam said. “This strategic alliance combines Volv’s advanced technology expertise and market experience with ProductLife Group’s rich suite of life sciences solutions and services and a longtime record of supporting this industry through critical change. It’s a powerful match.”

About Volv Partners
Volv Partners’ mission is to accelerate science and reduce the costs of health care, thereby enhancing well-being for all. Volv has rich, proven credentials in social listening and close links to a series of official organisations and institutes in the life sciences and medical industries. The firm works with partners that want to progress real-world evidence, adherence, and medicine and medical device safety agendas. Volv’s technology team combines deep experience with the latest tools as well as the application of those tools in the real world. Its leadership has representation at the Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs and in-depth experience in working with major pharmaceutical and medical device companies, health profession organisations, governments, the European Commission, and the Council of Europe. Volv specialists have built and run highly effective algorithms used in the biotechnology sector, and they are extensively experienced in the latest Web, cloud, machine-learning, and artificial intelligence technologies.

About ProductLife Group

ProductLife Group is a trusted partner that helps its clients stay ahead of the changing R&D landscape. The firm provides support across all stages of the product life cycle and has experience in working with companies in every segment of the life sciences industry. With an established presence across Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific; with extensive capabilities in key markets; and with more than two decades of serving the industry, ProductLife Group has a solid platform from which to provide clients a range of services, consulting, and outsourcing solutions. ProductLife Group empowers clients to focus on innovation and business growth strategies and to make strong, informed decisions every step of the way. What’s more, the firm wraps it all up with partnership flexibility for a truly customised experience that helps clients scale their initiatives cost-effectively.

By taking advantage of the power of deep domain expertise, established relationships, intelligent collaborations, and a flexible delivery framework, ProductLife Group delivers exceptional service to clients. The goal is to develop long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value. ProductLife Group cultivates a trusting, consultative environment and is positioned to operate as an extension of clients’ businesses, with a shared interest in their long-term success.

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