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Using Fluenta’s Flow Calibration Facility, flow meters can be calibrated to achieve uncertainties of below 1%.

Fluenta launches Flow Calibration Facility for pre-shipping meter calibration

• Calibration reduces set-up time and ensures highest levels of accuracy
• Fluenta Flow Calibration Facility provides a reference meter uncertainty of 0.28%

Fluenta, the global leader in ultrasonic measurement and management technology, today announces the launch of its internal ‘Flow Calibration Facility’ for accurate calibration of customer flow meters. The facility offers customers the capability to accurately calibrate flow meters at the Fluenta factory before shipment to the final destination.

Fluenta’s gas flow meters use ultrasonic technology to deliver the most accurate measurement of flow against all temperatures and flow levels. The ability to calibrate meters in the factory ensures a faster and more effective set up on site, as well as the highest levels of accuracy.
Fluenta’s Flow Calibration Facility provides an exceptional level of reference meter uncertainty of 0.28%, ensuring extremely accurate measurement of flow velocity, temperature and pressure before a meter leaves Fluenta’s factory.

Fluenta’s factory calibration is particularly relevant for customers who require above standard accuracy without having to invest in third party certification by industry bodies such as the Colorado Engineering Experiment Station (CEESI), where Fluenta meters were shown to perform with an uncertainty of less than three per cent without prior calibration.

Using Fluenta’s Flow Calibration Facility, flow meters can be calibrated to achieve uncertainties of below 1%.
Sigurd Aase, CEO of Fluenta, comments: “Accuracy can be challenging in flow measurement during periods of low flow velocity or where temperatures vary.”

“Offering our customers the ability to calibrate meters before they leave the Fluenta factory means they can be confident they will receive the most accurate and consistent readings possible.”

Notes to editors:

The specific technical details of Fluenta Flow Calibration Facility are below.
• Flow medium: air
• Flow velocity: 0.5 to 25 m/s
• Actual volume flow: 150 to 6500 m3/h
• Mass flow: 150 to 8000 kg/h
• Pipe Size: 12 inch
• Data acquisition: Modbus
• Data collected: temperature, pressure, flow velocity, actual volume flow, mass flow, density, sound velocity
• Reference meter uncertainty: 0.28%
• Reference meter type: 4 path ultrasonic

About Fluenta:

Founded in 1985 Fluenta is the global leader in flow sensing, measurement and management using ultrasonic technology. The company serves the chemicals, petrochemicals and oil and gas markets, where it is the leader in European off shore flare gas monitoring. Fluenta originates from Norway and has offices around the world, including the UK, Poland, Norway and the USA.

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