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A new Intermittent Fasting plan based on your DNA could be the key to losing 2-3 times more weight than on traditional diets.

The What IF Plan - the world’s first personalised Intermitting Fasting plan based on your DNA - is available to buy online for £299 (

Studies by Stanford University found that people who followed a diet based on their unique genetic profile lost 2-3 times more weight over a year compared with those on traditional plans.

Unlike the 5:2 diet[1], the What IF Plan combines genetic testing with two types of fasting - ‘alternate day’ and ‘time-restricted’ – which has been scientifically proven to boost weight loss.

What IF founder and genetic nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters says: “We use the latest science to get that ‘diet breakthrough’ you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve spent years dieting then berating yourself for not succeeding, it could be your DNA, not your willpower, to blame.

“With What IF, we look at 30 genetic variations to see how different nutrients influence weight loss. We then tackle this head on with a personalised plan the body responds positively to. This isn’t a traditional diet – it’s a plan for life.”

Combined with DNA testing – which uses genetics to determine how the body reacts to certain foods and stimulants including sugar, carbs, alcohol and caffeine – fasting is extremely effective for weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting (known as IF) can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease and cancer, says Kate.

She adds: “You might be overweight because you’re not eating ‘right’ for your genotype (unique genetic identity). Rather than failing at dieting, it is certain foods that your body doesn’t respond well to which has sabotaged your good, healthy efforts.”

This is the first time a diet has combined DNA testing with intermittent fasting as a complete package, for just £299. Usually it would cost double that to buy a home DNA test[2] and then hire a nutritionist[3] to work with the results.

“Obesity is a massive problem in the UK – 64% of Brits are overweight,” says Kate, an expert in nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics. “Knowledge is power and with our DNA test, you can identify the foods that are holding you back from your dream body, then use the scientifically-proven fasting combination to make a lasting impact on your weight and health.”

The fad-free approach to eating is grounded in the latest nutrition science.

“The expert nutritional advice is already included in the extensive results,” says Kate. “You also receive a personalised eating plan, delicious healthy and easy recipes, a DNA food list, motivational tips and access to a support hotline. The customer does a quick genetic test at home using a mouth swab, which is analysed and the plan is sent out five day later.”

The What IF Plan has three phases, each lasting one week:

Phase 1: Time-Restricted Feeding
Fast for 16 hours, eat in an 8-hour window (16:8)
So if you have your last meal at 6pm you would eat the following day at 10am.

Phase 2: Alternate-Day Fasting
A mix of fasting days and meals from the personalised DNA food list
On non-fasting days, eat anything (mindfully) until you’re full

Phase 3: Approved DNA food meals
Three meals and one snack from the DNA food list

You work through all three phases then repeat them until you reach goal weight.

“Once you’ve completed a full cycle, if you preferred one phase, you can simply repeat that rather than all three,” says Kate, who developed the diet while working full-time, studying for a Masters and having her first (and later second) child.

“The Plan is particularly effective for people who want to lose the last bit of stubborn weight after a holiday or before a special event. We’ve also found that just doing stage three is a great way for people already at their goal weight to gain more energy, sleep better and feel healthier.”

With the UK obesity crisis putting a huge burden on the NHS, The What IF Plan couldn’t have come at a better time.

Kate said: “Being a healthy weight and eating well isn’t all about fitting into your favourite jeans – it’s vital for brain health and preventing life-limiting diseases.

“We’re hoping The What IF Plan will be increasingly popular with people who want a simple and easy eating plan that cuts through the nutrition hype, fits in easily with their routine and keeps them healthy and energised from head to toe.”

The What IF Plan is available for £299 at


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[1] The 5:2 only uses one fasting protocol and involves eating normally for 5 days and fasting for 2 days a week.
[2] Average price for a DNA test is £250.
[3] Rates for a nutritionist start from £225.

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