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Globatalent Sports Revolution

Being given the opportunity to represent your country in the sport you love is an honour like no other, and it shouldn’t be limited to a certain few

Globatalent, a platform which is set to disrupt the $100 billion sports rights industry by allowing fans and investors the chance to support players and clubs, has announced a token pre-sale targeted at accredited investors.

Based in Spain and supported globally by a group of experienced sports industry and blockchain professionals, Globatalent is co-founded by CEO Sunil Bhardwaj and Ferrán Martínez. Having their own unique experiences within the industry, each of the co-founders has established a passion to disrupt, revolutionise and increase the transparency of funding across sport.

After witnessing first-hand the unequal distribution of funds to talented individuals and clubs, Globatalent’s co-founders are combating the hidden, centralized funding structure in sport.

As an answer to financial difficulties preventing both players and clubs from realising their true potential, the co-founders at Globatalent have developed a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, giving players and clubs the opportunity to fund themselves by giving a percentage of their future revenue rights to fans and token holders.

This way, financial control is being taken away from the few dictating investment companies and is given to fans who are already emotionally invested in their favourite clubs and players. What’s more, the fans will not only benefit from becoming more intimately engaged with their sporting heroes and teams, but also receive tokenised rewards.

Players will also benefit from this shift of control. Previously not possible in a centralized structure, the Globatalent platform gives players greater power over how much of their future income rights they are willing to exchange in return for funding.

From extensive experience in the sports industry, co-founder and CEO of Globatalent, Sunil Bhardwaj explains the benefits of the decentralized platform, “Through the Globatalent platform, clubs will be able to tokenise their rights and enjoy all the benefits of having star players in their team. As well as this, the platform will give talented prospects, fairer and more appropriate funding by giving them more autonomy over financial arrangements.

“As we all know, sport is cherished internationally, and in today’s globalised community, Globatalent is giving sports men and women a clearer pathway and greater scope when planning their future careers. Anyone, anywhere who believes in a player’s ability can take part in the public token sale in May 2018.”

The funding will be fixed in smart contracts and tokens will be released and distributed once players and clubs reach their goals. In keeping with the principles of integrity and transparency, all the token holders and sports players have access to profiles, achievements and future development plans via the Globatalent platform.

This initiative is rooted in the co-founders’ desire to give back to a community which they believe has given them so much over their careers. Ex-professional basketball player, now business developer and co-founder of Globatalent, Ferrán Martínez said, “Being given the opportunity to represent your country in the sport you love is an honour like no other, and it shouldn’t be limited to a certain few. I believe all those with prospective talent should have the opportunity to pursue greatness in their chosen sport.

“That’s why alongside the platform, we are also setting up a grassroots program where projects will be selected for funding by the token holder community.”

Professional players who share the Globatalent vision have been recruited into sports advisory and ambassador roles. This includes US-based former LA Lakers star and vice president of the NBA players association, Maurice Evans who has twelve years’ experience playing at the top level in basketball leagues across the world.

The platform covers a vast array of sports including soccer, basketball, American football, golf, handball, cricket and many more. Currently, Spain’s leading female handball team are set to use the Globatalent platform.

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About Sunil Bhardwaj, Co-founder and CEO of Globatalent:

Sports marketing professional and co-founder plus CEO of Globatalent, Sunil Bhardwaj, leads a team of expert individuals dedicated to giving talented sports men and women a fairer route into their professional careers, without financial burden.

Globatalent is a decentralised blockchain-based tool where clubs and players can fund themselves by selling their future revenue rights to fans and investors.

Sunil Bhardwaj, aged 41, graduated in 1999 with a diploma in sports management from the University of Greenwich, London and has since enjoyed an accomplished 18-year career in the sports industry. He has worked in many territories including German, Holland as well as his native Spain.

Working as president, general manager and chief marketing officer within a number of high-profile basketball clubs including CB Valladolid and Menorca Bàsquet, Sunil Bhardwaj gained invaluable experience across marketing, public relations, finance and talent acquisition.

Sunil Bhardwaj has also worked for the worldwide television broadcaster Mediapro limited, where he managed strategy consulting, sponsorship, sporting events and sports marketing for the Balearic region of Spain.

As well as developing sports and wellness centres, Sunil Bhardwaj’s knowledge has stretched to the luxury market, with the making and development of one of the world’s finest gourmet virgin olive oils. In addition, he founded a boutique Hotel in Majorca which receives consistently high reviews.

Through an extensive knowledge of financial exclusion within sport, Sunil Bhardwaj has developed a passion to disrupt and revolutionise financial fair play within the industry. As a result, the team at Globatalent are giving players, fans and clubs the opportunity to decentralize and transform the sporting industry, both financially and on the field of play.

Sunil Bhardwaj said, “I am a person who likes to work as a team and in exciting challenges. I have a large capacity for teamwork and to organize groups of people around the same goal. Sport and physical exercise are part of my DNA and my main need. This is why I’m thrilled to be launching Globatalent to assist sports people achieve their life goals in a way that’s financially sustainable and provides them with the best return. In addition, Globatalent will support grass roots sports, which is another of my passions.”

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