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The Aemyrie Igneum has landed

An Aemyrie oven provides its owner with a real sense of individuality.

One man’s vision has become a reality; the Aemyrie Igneum is here and ready to set the outdoor cooking market alight. Widely regarded as the world’s most luxurious outdoor oven, the bespoke creation has now launched and is ready to be ordered with immediate effect.

Designed and constructed entirely by hand in England, Aemyrie was created in 2015 by fine food, wine and cooking aficionado Peter Walsh. He fell in love with the unique taste achieved through cooking on wood fires whilst travelling around the world seeking out new cooking inspirations. The grilling enthusiast began his quest to recreate the unique tastes which can only be achieved by cooking with smoke and flame on traditional fuels – and to bring these flavours back to Britain. ‘Aemyrie’ comes from the Old English word for ember.

Flavour is at the heart of an Aemyrie bespoke oven. Peter Walsh explains, “There are many cooking styles available to a chef when using an Aemyrie oven. A world first, patent pending intelligent temperature control mechanism automatically adjusts the entire system to ensure food is cooked precisely. This allows both food lovers and professional chefs alike to create everything from a steak seared for seconds, to melt-in-the-mouth meats which have been smoked at very low temperature for 20 hours or more.”

Weighing around 450kg (depending on the materials specified) and standing at 1.4 metres (55 inches) high and over 1.5 metres (60 inches) wide, an Aemyrie wood fired oven can easily present remarkable food for 30 or more guests.

Hidden within the unique exterior is an array of technological masterpieces. The powerful Ceramignite® ignition system brings the grill to cooking temperature in a matter of minutes and can achieve a temperature in excess of 350˚C; significantly higher than most conventional ovens.

A powerful computer operating adaptive and intelligent software controls hidden fans, air channels and variable vents which are constantly monitored to manage airflows and temperatures throughout the entire system. Additionally, Aemyrie also utilises a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and safe insulator called ‘Aerogel’, originally developed by NASA for use in the Space Programme and never before used in this kind of application. This, combined with a unique construction methodology, allows an Aemyrie to provide a ‘safe touch’ exterior, even when operating at maximum temperature.

Utilising a wide range of fuels including solid wood logs, briquettes, pellets and charcoal, the variable fuel system is perfect for achieving ‘hot and fast’ grilling and searing, as well as ‘low and slow’ smoking. To achieve the ultimate flavour experience, chefs can add oak, cherry, apple, hickory or any other favoured woods to compliment the food they are creating, providing gastronomic perfection every time. The high heat feature also has the added benefit of allowing the oven to be set to a self-cleaning mode, and at such high temperatures, most cooking residues simply carbonise and can be brushed away.

Peter continues, “Every Aemyrie Igneum is tailor-made in England to meet the exact requirements of our clients. An Aemyrie oven provides its owner with a real sense of individuality. Each oven is built by a dedicated team of artisan craftsmen, experienced designers and professional fabricators. We can complete the production of the iconic end panels in a variety of hardwoods and other materials, and can offer several special finishes for other panels using specialist paints, varnishes, lacquers, enamels and even liquid metals. We assemble all these components by hand and then the final stages are completed on site with the new owner.”

Inspiration for the outer side panels created from pinstriped woods came from the classic Bentley Boat-Tail of the 1920s and Riva Aquarama made famous on the Italian Riviera during the 1960s and 1970s. Other automotive and nautical influences run throughout the brand, reflecting Aemyrie’s presence and ability to be used both on land and sea in luxury homes, restaurants, hotels, high-end events and superyachts alike.

The public response following the launch of Aemyrie speaks for itself; a number of high profile chefs have shown keen interest in the highly sophisticated barbeque and grilling system, with award-winning and Michelin starred chef Darron Bun (Goodwood Estate Executive Head Chef) stating, “If you are working as a chef and you don’t want one of these you need to change career. These are really classy.”

Furthermore, Aemyrie was a double award-winner in the 2018 Surrey Digital Awards, which included the flagship categories “Best Website” and “Best Online Retailer”; and was a winner in the 2017/18 A Prime Awards in the ‘Home Appliance Design’ category.

The testing and development of this beautiful creation is complete with all relevant trademarks and designs registered, plus patents applied for and pending. Having delivered their first pre-order in March 2018 to Malibu, California, the first Aemyrie demonstration model is now in residence at Stansted House, Hampshire and is ready to be viewed by appointment.

Aemyrie wood fired ovens are available to order through the Aemyrie website and a select number of prestigious UK based agents. Pricing is dependent on customer requirements and starts from £25,000.


Instagram: @aemyrieliving
Facebook: @aemyrie


If you would like to interview Peter Walsh, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Additional photography is available upon request.

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About Aemyrie

Aemyrie Limited based in Stansted House, Hampshire was created in 2015 by grilling enthusiast and international fine food, wine & cooking aficionado Peter Walsh. The business is powered by a team of exceptional individuals who are dedicated to creating the world’s finest bespoke wood fired ovens. All of Aemyrie commissions are built by hand in England to the very highest specifications.

After experiencing the unique taste and aroma of cooking food on a wood fired oven whilst travelling the world, Peter committed himself to bringing these flavours to Britain. Peter assembled a team of artisan craftsmen, experienced designers and professional fabricators to bring the Aemyrie concept to life and redefine luxury in outdoor kitchens.

The name Aemyrie comes from the Old English for ‘ember’ and is positioned as the world’s most luxurious wood fired oven. It gives food and art lovers the ability to customise the aesthetics to their own personality and the unique design blends state-of-the-art technology with an evocative, retro-feel exterior. An extraordinary range of personalised options and finishes are available to suit the needs of any customer.

The handcrafted side panels take inspiration from the distinguished 1920’s Bentley Boat Tail car and Riva Aquarama made famous in the 1960s and 1970s. Other nautical and automotive influences run throughout the Brand. The functionality of the bespoke wood fired grills benefit from the input of leading chefs and feature an array of patent applied intelligent systems to ensure perfectly cooked food.

The business operates from the Hampshire and West Sussex border and ships worldwide.

New orders can typically be delivered within six to eight weeks from time of order.

Pricing is dependent on customer requirements and starts from £25,000.

Address: Aemyrie Limited, Stansted House, Rowland’s Castle, Hampshire, PO9 6DX

Instagram: @aemyrieliving
Facebook: @aemyrie

Redefining Luxury in Outdoor Kitchens

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