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Men from Norwich are the most STYLISH in the UK… according to themselves.

New research of men across the UK has found blokes from the East-Anglian city, home to the less than stylish Alan Partridge, reckon they are most stylish, taking pride in their appearance and spending the MOST on looking good.

In fact, a third of men (33 percent) from Norwich insisted their home city is well known for good-looking guys with impeccable dress sense, more so than any other UK city.

The survey revealed the average man from Norwich claims to fork out as much as £45 a month on his hair and wet shaves, compared to guys from Cambridge, who spend a paltry £11 – and Norwich guys will splurge £77 on clothes each month, that’s £15 MORE than men from London.

The poll of 1,500 males found overall, a quarter (26 percent) said they care more about their personal appearance than guys did 10 years ago, with the average guy now taking 21 minutes to get ready for work.

A further one in five firmly believes they are more likely to be successful in the workplace if they look good, while 37 percent felt you are more likely to have respect from your colleagues if you look the part.

Half of the respondents polled by Just for Men Moustache & Beard felt the biggest indicator of a stylish man was knowing how to dress for your age and four in ten said you know a man cares for his appearance when his teeth look white.

38 percent said a stylish chap would always wear jeans that fitted well - and his facial hair was religiously trimmed and neat.

In fact, the most stylish beard of the moment is STILL the hipster style, full beard according to the poll, with over one in ten men now sporting a full beard.

More than one in five (22 percent) men said they grew a beard to come across as more confident and 23 percent said growing facial hair made them feel much more masculine.

The data also revealed that over seven in ten men aged 16 and 44 wear a beard or have some variety of facial hair.

Owning a suit for every occasion, well-kept eyebrows and getting a haircut every SIX weeks, were also signs of a modern, image conscious man – as was owning a dinner jacket, trainers that were always spotless and having a well organised wardrobe.

A spokesman for Just for Men Moustache & Beard said: “The survey has uncovered some really interesting insights into how stylish the nations men really think they are.

“Norwich might be the home of Alan Partridge, whose love of golfing jumpers, string back driving gloves and horizon blue “action slacks” is well known – but the men of the city obviously take more pride in the way they look.

“It was also interesting to see just how important facial hair is to a modern man’s overall style, but this has evolved since beards became main-stream in 2016. The emphasis has shifted from simply having the facial hair, to how well-kept that facial hair is, particularly in terms of being neat and full – both signs of stylishness according to this research. Just for Men Moustache & Beard brush in gel eliminates grey hairs, but can also be used to enhance natural beards, making them appear fuller and thicker – perfect for style conscious UK men.”

The poll also found that it was at age 34 the typical man found his sense of style and 32 percent said having the right facial hair was fundamental to looking good. A savvy seven percent grew one to cover up a double chin.

Being inspired by celebrities and friends who all had facial hair and growing one to annoy wives and girlfriends were also reasons listed to sport a beard, the poll found.

Doctors and lawyers are most likely to have a short beard (30 percent), while 41 percent of builders with a beard are likely to favour a goatee and tash.

A further 9 percent of beard lovers who are currently out of work have an extended goatee.


1. Norwich (47 percent)
2. Liverpool (30 percent)
3. Glasgow (29 percent)
4. London (28 per cent)
5. Newcastle (26 percent)
6. Leeds (23 percent)
7. Birmingham (22 percent)
8. Manchester (22 percent)
9. Nottingham (21 percent)
10. Oxford (21 percent)



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