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Zava has researched the state of contraception in eleven countries across the globe to show which ones have the best provisions for birth control.

Some key facts from this research are:
- Though 46 countries offer some free birth control options, the USA is notably missing from the list.
- The UK was found to have the best access and affordability, with Spain and Brazil taking second and third place.
- Zava’s survey showed that 40% of men in the US would consider taking the not-yet-released male contraceptive pill, as compared to only 26% in the UK.
- A UK-wide survey found that 10% of women have relied on the same form of contraception for over 20 years.

Safe and easy access to contraception is something many of us take for granted in the UK. The combined pill became a popular method for women across the country in the mid to late 1970s, and since then many other contraceptive options have become widely accessible.

As evidenced by research from medical experts Zava, some countries across the globe are following the UK’s lead and doing their bit to provide affordable contraception and appropriate support for those who need it. The People’s Republic of China is keen to move forward from its once strict approach to birth control. The government is now working towards safer and more positive options to encourage safe sex and make contraceptives accessible to all.

Here are the top three countries ranked in order of best access to contraception, according to Zava's research:

1. The UK
With the NHS providing cost-free birth control and a wide range of contraceptive methods easily accessed through doctors, pharmacies and sexual health clinics, the UK took the top spot.

2. Spain
The country provides over-the-counter access to the combined pill and the average cost of contraception is €2.35 per box.

3. Brazil
With the pill and condoms readily accessible since 1962 and 1980 respectively, and a new project aiming to provide 50 million packages of birth control each year, Brazil demonstrates excellent access to contraception.

Zava has gathered information on the use of contraception from a cross-section of society in eleven countries. From India to Japan, they have researched countries with a variety of views on family planning. The interactive map presents a range of thought-provoking statistics, illustrating how different countries access and experience contraception. This piece will inform readers of the cost and availability of birth control, like the pill, condoms and the IUD, around the world.

Dr Kathryn Basford, doctor at Zava says: “We created this piece to explore how differently men and women experience birth control in eleven countries: Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Russia, Spain, the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, Canada and India.

Research into the ways people approach contraception - from the method they choose, the money they spend and their views on responsibility - can be vital in spreading awareness and looking to a better-informed future with safer, higher quality options for birth control in every country.”

About Zava
Offering discreet and convenient healthcare online, Zava specialises in providing medical treatment to patients wherever and whenever they require it. With no need to book an appointment or see a doctor in person, fully qualified medical experts offer their advice online and patients can receive a home delivery of the necessary treatment.

Our data has come from reliable sources. We used survey data and extensive research to understand contraception provision in eleven countries worldwide. See here for further information on our methodology for this piece.

Please refer to Zava’s interactive map for further information.

In our media pack you can find high res images, data and quotes.

Please credit this research to Zava.

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