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Wusche's Amazon Best-Seller

It’s time to take back financial control and start planning a strategy to create the ‘Non-Traditional Retirement’

“Do you want to sit out your retirement on a threadbare chair in a state-run care home or use the next 20 to 40 years to pursue your passions, travel and enjoy time with the people who really matter to you?” This question is asked by author and thought-provoker Vicki Wusche in her latest number one Amazon best-seller, the Wealthy Retirement Plan.

Vicki Wusche tells us that “It’s time to take back financial control and start planning a strategy to create the ‘Non-Traditional Retirement’ that you want. It’s never too early to start planning. Sadly, most people just don’t know how. Imagine what you could do if you did not have to work in the way you are now – just to pay the bills?”

Using the principles, tools and valuable resources that she shares in this book, you will be able to plan and build the retirement you want – whether that involves scuba diving in crystal blue waters, or setting up a charity, sharing your skills with younger people or even helping your community. The next thirty years could be where your real life begins, where you start to build your legacy.

She continues, “We are living longer and retirement needs redefining. Unlike most of our grandparents, who collected their pension for a few years before passing away, we have got decades worth of fun to plan and organise.

“It is not just about the money that you leave behind. We also have a powerful opportunity to take our knowledge and experience into new arenas and create positive outcomes. It is about the memories and the legacy that you can leave behind.

“The mistake most people make is thinking that their pensions and the NHS will somehow provide them with everything they need. The fact is, the government can’t cope with the effect of an increasing and ageing population. People believe they can rely on their pension, we need to remember that many peoples’ pension pots were wiped out during the 2008 Financial Crisis. That could happen again.”

As a successful entrepreneur and property investor, Vicki Wusche shares her tried and tested process for getting your finances in order. This includes planning comprehensive investment strategies along with providing guidance on how to reduce the proportion of your monthly expenses covered by wages.

Vicki Wusche clearly explains how these expenses need to be reduced until they are totally covered by investments, thereby allowing people to step out of full-time work and ease into what she calls a ‘Non-Traditional Retirement’.

Although it might seem that this book is about financial planning – it is actually about planning your time. Understanding what you want your life to really be like and then working out how you can afford to live that life. You will be amazed to find that it is a lot less than you thought!

“One of the models in the book describes the four ways you can use your time, when you don’t have to work to pay the bills. This becomes your post retirement legacy. These legacies are money, multi-generational, memory or mission based. Memories that are created when we spend guilt-free time with our loved ones are priceless. Missions involve solving a problem or taking up a passion that you want to bring to life. Multi-generational legacies involve sharing your knowledge with a generation below or above you and teaching others. These four legacies help you see that retirement is not just about leaving a legacy of money and wealth. Retirement in a non-traditional form is about leaving a unique and far more valuable and long-lasting legacy.”

A great testament to Vicki Wusche is that she has gone from being a single mum on benefits to retiring wealthy at 48 thanks to her very own ‘Non-Traditional Retirement Plan’. When asked why it is ‘non-tradition’ she replied, “because it can be whatever you want it to be like.”

“Wealthy retirement is about taking away the stress of working in order to simply pay your bills and move your focus towards the different ways you can invest your time with a new mindset. Maybe to solve challenges you want to tackle, whether that be an environmental challenge, activism or change in your community or simply enjoy quality guilt-free time with family and friends.”
This book will open your eyes to a challenge you may have never thought about – lifting the veil of illusion that suggests you can get by with little more than a pension. It will explain new ways of thinking about your personal finances and your time to build a whole new life in the second half of your existence on planet earth. Finally, it will give you the motivation and the tools that you need to create a fool-proof ‘Non-Traditional Retirement Plan’.

Vicki Wusche has produced a ‘Readiness to Retire Wealthy’ scorecard to see how you measure up against the five key principles of a wealthy retirement found here:

As the author puts it herself “I hope you are ready to let go of old beliefs, wake up to reality and yet still dream. Then you will be able to plan a wonderful retirement.”

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Vicki Wusche is available for interview and copies of the new book are available on request.

For further information please contact Tina Fotherby at or call the office on 0333 344 2341.

Biography of Vicki Wusche: Vicki Wusche is an author, property investor and thought-provoker with a rich experience in life. From being homeless after a divorce in 1991, to redundancy in 2004, Vicki has undergone significant personal development.

Her path to financial control truly began in 2006 when she recognised property development involved a language and strategy she could acquire and thrive with. Just like any seasoned investor Wusche has taken risks and learned from her mistakes in her route to financial independence.

As her skills and confidence grew, she eventually began to help others invest, gaining a cash-generating property portfolio and two income-generating businesses. She now enjoys a very happy non-traditional retirement doing what she loves, helping others.

Testimonials for The Wealthy Retirement Plan:

- Business owner Heather Barrie “This book is intelligently written and east to read. Not only does it lay out the reality of our potential future in a changing world, it has also helped me to identify my real needs and values.”

- Entrepreneur and author Andrew Bowen “Vicki’s vision of the ‘non-traditional retirement’ will become the new norm for entrepreneurs and business owners over the next few years.”

- Creator, coach and author Jessica McGregor Johnson “Vicki tells it like it is, inspires us with fresh ideas and gives clear steps to move towards a ‘Non-Traditional Retirement’. An absolute must-read.”

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