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Control your appliances with an app

Whether you a budding professional chef or a someone who prefers a quick microwave meal for many people their kitchen will be a sanctuary. When you think about a kitchen has only a few specific jobs doesn’t it?

A lot of it is focused on preparing and cooking food but there is also laundry as well which is most commonly done in the kitchen as well, at least partly. But while our kitchen is the hub of some important jobs it is also a room that many people find very relaxing and comforting.

Yes, people who enjoy cooking will get a lot more out of their kitchen but even people who prefer a ready meal to roast dinner will still enjoy some time in their kitchen. Nowadays a kitchen can do so much more thanks to the developing smart technologies available.

Smart technology has been used to enhance and improve a wide range of different kitchen appliances including ovens, fridges, microwaves and more. These smart appliances are more expensive but they offer you so much more. They also allow you to make more difficult time-consuming jobs easier.

Let’s look at some of the many smart appliances available and examine how they are transforming people’s kitchens in more detail.

Smart Ovens

Ovens are one of the focal appliances of any kitchen and nowadays you can find some amazing smart ovens available. These ovens don’t just look more sleek and stylish they also offer faster more smooth cooking and heat. Induction hobs are also becoming more commonplace as well these hobs transfer all the heat to the pans which means they remain cool to the touch!

These just give you a better/ faster cooking time they also help cut down on the risk of accidents. You can also find smart ovens that have built-in thermometers and cameras so you can view food without opening the oven and watch it all from a phone app!

There are also more innovative timers that will shut off your oven when it detects the food is ready. That is just a small sample of the many innovations that you can now find on smart ovens there are plenty more and they all make cooking with your oven a lot more efficient.

Smart Washing Machines

Smart washing machines might not be as well-known as smart ovens right now but more and more innovative features and being developed and introduced into washing machines. Many of these new features are designed to make using your washing machine easier and improve its performance.

They are also designed to help reduce errors and problems, no one wants to experience dirty foul smelling laundry after a wash cycle is complete and thanks to these new features you won’t need to. Some of the innovative features you will find on smart washing machines are more innovative drums that can automatically detect the load you have and choose the best cycle.

It can also use this feature to choose the right level of detergent you need based on the load you have in the machine and the level of dirt and stains you need to wash out. These more advanced washing machines can also automatically detect the right temperature for a more efficient wash as well.

Smart Fridges

Smart fridges don’t just offer you an internet connection they can do a lot of incredible things. For one they now have more refined temperature controls which means they can keep food at their optimum temperatures for longer.

Some smart fridges have taken this a step further by developing separate areas of the fridge designed to hold specific foods. Some fridge-freezers also allow you to quickly change from fresh to frozen at the touch of a button. This makes refrigerating your food at optimal conditions much easier.

Another stylish new feature worth mentioning is the see-through glass doors used to keep cold air in the fridge. These don’t just look stylish they provide a great new innovative feature that will allow you to easily look around your fridge without needing to open it and risk losing any cold air. It might seem like a small thing but it makes a big difference.

Smart Microwaves

Microwaves are pretty amazing even the most committed chef will still have the odd day when they just want to microwave something. No one feels like cooking a full meal every day, do they? But with your standard microwave, there are limits to what you can really accomplish.

There are just certain foods you really aren’t going to want to cook with a microwave but a smart microwave is a little different. Smart microwaves offer faster more refined cooking and they have plenty more cooking options to them. Research from Repair Aid suggests that they give a more efficient cooking performance for a variety of different foods.

Thanks to their faster cooking they can toast and grill food and even be used to bake cakes! Smart microwaves are much more stylish as well which makes them a great addition to your kitchen thanks to their more efficient cooking modes and improved efficiency.

Other Smart Appliances

So, we have looked at some of the many smart appliances you can get for your kitchen nowadays but there are plenty of new smart gadgets you can add to your kitchen as well. These might not be appliances in the traditional sense but they are certainly going to make useful additions to your kitchen.

One great new appliance worth investing in are smart recycle bins which can more quickly convert food into fertiliser. For people looking to be more eco-friendly, these bins are a great alternative to the more common kitchen rubbish bin.

Kitchen thermometer probes are another great choice if you’re looking for a more efficient way to read the temperature of your cooking. They can also send signals to your phone as well so you know when to adjust the food. They are small appliances that can make cooking food more easy and efficient.


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