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Change Incorporated

one in ten Brits have in the past checked if someone smokes before agreeing to meet them for a date

● One in ten would prefer to kiss someone who had not brushed their teeth over a smoker
● 6% of the UK would rather kiss Boris Johnson over a smoker
● Change Incorporated encourages the UK to quit cigarettes for good

Smoking habits are hindering dating and relationships suggests new research. With one in three agreeing that quitting smoking improved their sex life and 53% of the UK put off kissing a smoker, cigarettes are having an apparent impact on relationship and dating prospects.

The research comes after a recent NHS report expressed concerns of reality television programs glamorising smoking to young people, with an estimated 47 million children exposed to smoking on reality television. However, recent research suggests that the connotations of smoking being unattractive and undesirable still exist.

The research conducted by new purpose-driven channel Change Incorporated, surveyed 2000 UK adults’ attitudes towards locking lips with a smoker and found that 10% of the UK were more likely to want to kiss someone who has not brushed their teeth, while others that were surveyed opted for a kiss with potential Prime Minister Boris Johnson (5%), US president Donald Trump (7%) or with someone who has just eaten garlic (18%), instead of smooching a smoker.

The survey uncovered the five most common words used to describe kissing a smoker are smelly, a turn off, disgusting, vile and dirty. Prospective partners were found to not only be aesthetically repelled by a smoker’s kiss but were also concerned about the potential consequences to their health with 11% convinced a kiss will contribute to poor oral hygiene.

The UK were also more inclined to kiss somebody with a cold sore than puckering up to someone smoking a cigarette. With smoking being the largest preventable cause of premature death in the world, the research reflects Change Incorporated’s national effort to encourage the UK to quit smoking for good.

Perhaps just a hint as to why one in ten Brits have in the past checked if someone smokes before agreeing to meet them for a date and pointing to a bigger shift in society that smoking is losing its appeal due to the growing importance of maintaining their wellbeing and that of those around them. It also emerged that only 9% of the UK would quit smoking cigarettes if they knew it would please a new partner. While cigarettes also emerged as a source of conflict in relationships with 9% of the UK admitting to being in a relationship that has struggled due to smoking.

Other research conducted by Change Incorporated uncovered that one in three who have quit smoking had reaped the benefits of an improved sex life, with those aged between 33-44 and males agreeing the most strongly with the statement.

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Change Incorporated is a new editorially independent channel from global media brand VICE that aims to create measurable change on issues important to VICE’s global audience. The purpose-driven channel will haveeditorial control and independence and will take funding from a small number of businesses to undertake different ‘missions’. The funding is primarily to support the best journalism and most compelling content on the Internet.

Quit Cigarettes mission will initially launch in the UK and will have one single measure of success; the number of people that seriously attempt to stop smoking cigarettes, which will be audited by an independent third party. The funder for the mission is Philip Morris International and all activity will be consistent with the UK Government’s Tobacco Control Plan. Quit Cigarettes is an initiative created by Change Incorporated (VICE) and funded by Philip Morris International. VICE maintains editorial control, so Philip Morris International may not share the views expressed

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