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Relaxation for Teens by Ailsa Frank

Help is at hand with this new 'Relaxation for Teens' hypnosis download

This hypnosis download for teens will help pupils get the best out of themselves by letting go of worries, comparing themselves to others and negative thinking which may be holding them back. The techniques used combine relaxation and motivation exercises to release daily stresses, creating calm ways of dealing with life and a new positive self-belief. Easy to listen to at bedtime with engaging techniques to help with education, exams pressure, socialising, body confidence, building skills, sports and activities ability, and family life.

The messages in this recording will filter into your subconscious mind whilst you relax at bedtime. Begin to make changes by pressing the play button. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee on this recording.

Testimonial: "The recording really helps me to sleep and let go of worries. I am more comfortable in situations I would have been uncomfortable in before."

Relaxation for Teens hypnosis download is available from priced at £9.99

Also recommended for parents, teachers and for teenagers the guide to life book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing by Ailsa Frank (published by Hay House) which includes a chapter on letting go of worries, creating an I can do it attitude and simply teaches you how to find the amazing way through life.

Is it time to give teenagers more support?
Recent reporting shows almost a quarter of teenage girls in the UK could potentially have self-harmed in the past twelve months. Whilst the government is pledging £300 million to schools, to help them deal with teenage mental health issues, is it not the root of the problem that needs to be tackled to avoid future mental health problems rather than a sticky plaster approach?

Hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank helps clients to change their mindset and feel more confident about themselves. "Parents and schools focus too much on achieving and not enough on learning how to relax so pupils can deal with life in a balanced way. Confidence comes from being good at things so it is important that each child develops their own unique set of skills which will help them to feel worthy and set them up with self-esteem moving into the workplace."

Ailsa says "What people are craving is mindless activities to pass time in the real world, not in the digital one. Cooking uses a multitude of skills. Parents can think it is too much hassle to let kids make a mess in the kitchen but learning to cook from a young age builds confidence and is relaxing."

We could be seeing a rise in stress in young people from piling too much pressure on children from junior school age. Government policies and parents need to step back and look at what can be done to make school life and home life more balanced.

More needs to be done in schools to unite children to be proud of their school and every pupil in it and be happy for everyone’s achievements as well as their own. Bullying wouldn't be accepted in the workplace so it needs to be stamped out in schools too. Phones need to be banned during school hours just as it is not acceptable to use your phone at work children need to be trained with this idea at school too. All students should leave school which life skills and confidence having discovered their skills both practical, physical and academic. Giving children more free time at school to choose which activities they want to do will build confidence as it gives the message that we are all different and chooses different things when given the choice. "

"Having worked with many children over my years as a therapist I can sum up that the main problem is children never really feel themselves at home or in school. Children are highly creative with wonderful ideas most of the time their uniqueness is being masked.

School for many pupils could be seen as the equivalent of an adult being trapped in a bad job for ten years which they can't get out of. A school needs to be more interesting and relevant to the real world with career opportunities being discussed at a much early stage to inspire children as to why they are studying. Schools need to take a leaf out of the pages of the Scouts and Guides encouraging children to achieve skills and rewarding with badges."

It is easy to blame social media and magazines for the crisis amongst young people, but if pupils were fully confident in themselves because of the education they were receiving they wouldn't be taking social media seriously. It is a combination of factors causing problems with youngsters and giving them a chance to use their own initiative would help. Saturday jobs give responsibility and transition youngsters into the workplace.

Parents need to tempt children away from digital devices with much more creative and interesting ways of living life rather than saying "Get off your phone." Cooking together as a family is a great way to achieve this. Parents are busy juggling lives with work so grandparents, if available, can offer a great service to young people by educating them with knowledge. Often an interest which begins in childhood can give the idea for a career later. Time spent with a Grandparent helping them make something in a workshop, playing board games, days out, cooking, discussing world affairs or watching educational programs of interest on television can help.

4 tips to help teens relax

Let teens make fresh chicken nuggets. Dip strips of raw chicken into some plain flour to coat, then dip into beaten egg and then roll in breadcrumbs and fry in a little oil in a pan for 3 minutes each side. Place on a baking tray and bake for 20 minutes in an oven 180c, 350f, gas 4.

Celebrate every day with a colour paper napkin at family mealtimes. Don't wait for birthdays to celebrate, enjoy every day. Use mealtimes to discuss everyone's day including what the parents did, so children develop the ability to listen, be interested in others and realise that parents matter too.

Write down your problems so you take them out of your head. The write-down solutions to each problem to help resolve things.

Then learn to coach yourself into finding solutions. Standing with an upright posture say out loud "I can get through this. I can find solutions. I am amazing just like everyone else is amazing too. I am enjoying this phase of my life. I am building my own unique skills." By using positive language with a more confident posture you can quickly change your state of mind and re-program a more confident muscle memory.

Notes to Editors
Hypnosis works by clearing the unhealthy clutter in the subconscious mind allowing the listener to form beneficial habits so that they can manage their life making the right decisions with confidence.

About Ailsa Frank
Ailsa Frank is a British hypnotherapist, self-help Hay House Author and motivational speaker with a compassionate yet no-nonsense approach. Through workshops, talks, one-to-one therapy, her range of hypnosis downloads and book, she has already helped thousands of people to identify what they need to change in order to improve their lives. She works with an array of topics including work stress, relationships, alcohol/addictions, fears, sleep, sales motivation, business success, confidence building, children and teens and emotional issues.

Before training to become a qualified hypnotherapist, Ailsa Frank worked as a food stylist and recipe writer for eighteen years. Her journey into hypnotherapy came as a direct result of being so impressed by the effectiveness of its power to radically help people create the life they aspire to and help them to look ahead with confidence. Ailsa's own life fell apart during a divorce in 2002 when she lost custody of her 10-year-old daughter. She retrained as a hypnotherapist allowing her to now help other people build a positive life.

Ailsa is a long-standing registered member of the National Guild of Hypnotists USA, General Hypnotherapy Register, UK and an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Ailsa’s work has been featured in numerous articles in the British press including Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, Marie Claire, Woman's Own, Woman's Weekly, Bella, Top Santé.

She has also written articles for publications such as the Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine, Kindred Spirit, Spirit and Destiny, Healthy Food Guide, and Health Magazine.

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