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Daily at-home self-massage rituals with R&R Luxury

Regular massages can relax your muscles, relieve stress, and boost your energy levels, but you don't need a professional to reap the benefits whilst working from home.

R&R Luxury have the perfect antidote, with simple daily massages designed to ease physical tension & relax the mind. Holistic Health & Wellness expert Amanda Berlyn has put together rituals to bring a self-care element into your every day. When practiced together using the soothing Shea oils from R&R they’ll help you feel peaceful and wonderfully pampered; all without a trip to the spa.

MORNING REFRESH - 5-minute invigorating flow

Prepare: Stand, take a deep breath in, hold for three seconds and release a heavy sigh. Warm a small amount of Lemongrass Shea Oil between palms and apply to legs and arms. Repeat holding your hands to your nose to breath in the uplifting aroma.

Part 1:
• Start with your left leg, cup both hands around the ankle and rub each side of your leg as if you were vigorously rubbing your hands together.
• Take this movement either side and all-around circumference of leg from ankle to knee, and then from knee to thigh. Travel up entire leg, ankle to thigh, three times.
• Pause, stand steady, breath in with hands in front of nose, pause for count of three, exhale through the mouth. Repeat same action to right leg.

Part 2:
• Starting with left arm, use the right hand to briskly rub over the whole of your forearm, around the elbow, towards shoulder over whole upper arm.
• Using same vigorous action as on the legs, onehandedly, work over hands, wrist to elbow, elbow shoulder. Repeat three times.
• Repeat on right arm.

Conclude: Stand steady, feet hip width, micro bend in the knees and shake your whole body out. Breath in and let the energy flow. Stop when it feels natural. Close the eyes, feel into the lightness and then continue with your day.

EVENING SOOTHING - cosy night-time glow

Prepare: Give yourself 15 minutes before bedtime to ease into a restful sleep. Choose a place where you can sit undisturbed.

Part 1:
• Apply a small amount of Serenity Shea Oil to your hands, inhaling the rich, soothing aroma as you do so. Softly sweep your left hand from right shoulder to centre of your chest. Repeat three times, then switch sides.
• Offer yourself a hug, cross your arms in front of your chest, wrap hands around shoulders giving a gentle squeeze, bow your head and deeply relax the back of the neck.
• Breath. Notice how the aroma embraces you – inhale slowly, exhale fully.

Part 2:
• Apply Serenity Oil evenly over your foot. Bring hands together over the foot and use heels of hands to squeeze along to little toe and back again.
• Move hands to arch of foot, repeat the squeezing action to outer edge of foot. Cup the heel, squeeze over whole surface to other side. Repeat this sequence three times.
• Embrace your foot with both hands, close the eyes, be still, breath in and out five times. Repeat this to the right foot.

Conclude: Get comfortable. Quickly rub your hands together until your palms start to heat up, then cup one hand over each eye offering them that soothing warmth. Bringing together the little finger side, butterfly the hands to rest over bridge of nose up between eyebrows, raise hands back to your hairline, moving over the third eye area with a comforting pressure.

Shea Oil Revive RRP £15.00
Shea Oil Serenity £15.00
Stockists:, KoiBird, Candour Beauty

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Amanda Berlyn

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