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Adding images, attachments and video

A news release with a picture or video is likely to attract more interest than text only content. Images and videos are also indexed separately by search engines providing additional visibility.

What can I include?

For images we advise using jpeg, gif or png files. The recommended minimum dimensions of a source image are 300 pixels x 300 pixels. You can also attach files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PDFs. There is a £20 charge for each image or file attachment you add to your press release.

Can I include videos?

A video file can be uploaded and will appear on your press release page in an unbranded embedded player. There is a £40 charge for adding a video to a press release.


All images, attachments and video content is displayed with your press release on ResponseSource Press Release Wire and on your newsroom. Please ensure you own the copyright for any images or files, or that you have permission from the copyright holders to use it.