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How do I add links and Embedded Links?

Standard web links

To include a standard web link, URL or an email address in your press release simply type it as normal eg. or This will automatically link so there is no need to include any html tags. Please note you cannot include web links or embedded links in the headline of your release.

Embedded links

To create embedded links in the body of the release, please follow these instructions: The syntax for the embedded link is:

[keyword or keywords|]

  1. There must be NO space at the beginning of the web address.
  2. The web address MUST include http://
  3. You must NOT leave a space between the keyword and the vertical line (|)
  4. You must NOT leave a space between the vertical line (|)and the linking address.
  5. There must be NO space at the end of the web address.
  6. The link should point to a page where there is relevant information.

Here is an example of the HTML coding for a sentence to create an embedded link:

[PR professionals|]

This will appear on the web page and email to journalists as:

PR professionals

There is no extra charge for including embedded links in your press release.