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-New category prioritizes potential, skills and interests over traditional methods as Global Survey shows 30% of employees and candidates reject resume led approach
-HireVue’s approach, backed by science, transforms HR into a growth-focused talent incubator
-Launches the Find My FitTM application enabling skill-based job matching for a more dynamic and inclusive hiring experience

October 5th 2023, SALT LAKE CITY, HireVue, the pioneer and global leader in Human Potential Intelligence today announced a new category for hiring, marking a shift from standard hiring practices and introducing a forward-thinking paradigm that assesses candidates based on their skills and potential. By challenging traditional norms, HireVue places the focus squarely on what truly matters — human potential.

HireVue believes that traditional hiring methods are outdated and broken - a sentiment echoed by job candidates and employees worldwide. In the recent HireVue Hiring Experience Report 2023, which surveyed over 3000 individuals, respondents overwhelmingly expressed discontent with the current hiring landscape. Points of frustration include a lack of feedback (40%), the constraint of resumes rather than assessment based on potential and skills (30%), the need for more streamlined processes to adapt to new requirements (37%), and the prevalence of inaccurate job descriptions (31%).

Rearview Recruiting: The Broken Tradition

Conventional "Rearview Recruiting," relies on outdated practices where hiring decisions are made based on resumes and qualifications. Legacy HR Tech compounds the issue by leaning heavily on resume screening and profile scraping. Focusing on what a person has done and not what they have the potential to do creates blind spots and hinders the identification of future talent needs. This traditional system further frustrates candidates with a soulless, manual, and opaque process that takes way too long, with little communication and no feedback.

Science, Not Guesswork: The Birth of Human Potential Intelligence
HireVue's Human Potential Intelligence offers a new way, moving beyond traditional practices and prioritizing fairness and objectivity.

By leveraging AI to evaluate candidates based on potential, skills and interests, it replaces guesswork with a nuanced understanding of each candidate. This transformative approach positions HR not just as a cost center but as a strategic talent incubator, ushering in a new era where the hiring experience becomes a human journey of growth and empowerment for all involved.

Madeline Laurano, Founder & Chief Analyst, Aptitude Research commented: “HireVue's introduction of 'Human Potential Intelligence' represents a groundbreaking shift in the traditional landscape of hiring. Relying on the constructs of the past like resumes and job descriptions falls short in identifying potential, HireVue's innovative approach that brings together both the art and science of hiring by design, supported by their industry-leading AI, stands out as a beacon of change. By focusing on the skills and potential of the humans in the hiring process, this new category redefines hiring criteria and opens doors for companies to hire for the needs of today and ensure they have the right talent for the future."

Anthony Reynolds, CEO at HireVue says, "Hiring is in need of a revolution, and we firmly believe that the antidote lies in technology guided by science. Conventional hiring practices tend to overlook the untapped potential of candidates, fixating on past achievements. Instead, we’re creating a world where every candidate, regardless of the outcome, gains valuable insights and redirection towards roles that align better with their potential.”

Introducing HireVue’s Find My FitTM Application

At the forefront of this transformative strategy is the launch of Find My Fit, an innovative solution harnessing HireVue's expertise in AI-driven talent assessment. This application bridges the gap between candidates and opportunities, empowering job seekers to discover roles that align with their skills, interests, and untapped human potential.

The heart of the Find My Fit application lies in precision job matching, ensuring that candidates are not merely directed to open positions, but to roles that are genuinely aligned with their unique skills and potential. This approach not only broadens candidates' horizons but also elevates their overall job-seeking experience.

Find My Fit Application Addresses Key Challenges in Today's Job Market:

Empowering Candidates: Many job seekers struggle to identify suitable roles or question their qualifications. The Find My Fit application empowers candidates to discover positions that match their skills and potential, extending their horizons beyond their traditional job searches.

Facilitating Career Transitions: In an ever-evolving job landscape, career changes are common, but candidates often feel lost in the process. The Find My Fit application offers a starting point by guiding individuals toward roles where they can succeed, even if their prior experience differs.

Redefining Hiring Criteria: Conventional hiring methods rely heavily on resumes and qualifications, often missing candidates' true potential. The Find My Fit application shifts the focus to matching candidates with jobs based on their skills and interests, breaking free from rigid job title requirements.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: By suggesting roles tailored to candidates' skills and interests, the Find My Fit application encourages diversity by guiding individuals to consider positions they might not have explored otherwise.

Find out more about the Find My Fit application and Human Potential Intelligence at HR Tech in Las Vegas

About HireVue

Human Potential Intelligence is the future of hiring - enabling organizations to elevate the hiring conversation from evaluating candidates credentials to understanding what they are capable of. HireVue’s deep expertise in science, AI and data, helps companies understand candidates' unique skills and potential to match them to jobs where they can excel today, while also suggesting their path to the future. Serving over 1,150 pioneering customers around the globe including over 60% of the Fortune 100, HireVue has hosted more than 70 million video interviews and 200 million chat-based candidate engagements.

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