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A new EU poll for the Netherlands shows 56% would prefer an option to leave the EU, and 44% to remain in the EU. This compares to an IPSOS poll last year showing 64% preferred to remain in the EU. A big change - helped by offering people 3 choices, EU, EFTA and FTA, with results:

39% = EU/Single Market
23% = EFTA/Single Market (European Free Trade Association)
27% = FTA (Free Trade Agreement, with immigration control)
11% = Don't Know

Without Don't Knows:
56% = Nexit (EFTA+FTA)
44% = EU

1,174 people were polled over 14-15/2/17, by the Maurice de Hond polling company.

The poll shows that a majority of Dutch voters would prefer more self-government and are open to different options. For the Nexit supporters, this may mean looking at the EFTA option, with perhaps offering a phased approach to controlling immigration, e.g. 1 year working visas for any new Eastern European immigrants, with a points system for staying longer. Norway is in EFTA and so is Switzerland.

The poll shows that men and women support more self-government.

There are a number of parties in the Netherlands supporting more self-government, including: Forum voor Democratie (an EFTA supporter), Christian Unie, Party for Freedom (PVV), Party for Anumals (PvdD), Libertarian Party, Centre Democrats and the Socialists. With issues around who makes laws, immigration control and financial contributions.

Robert Oulds, Director of the Bruges Group says 'Across the continent of Europe and beyond people want to take back control of their lives. A concerted campaign for Nexit, along the lines that we saw in the UK, can overtime, just like it did in Britain, move the Netherlands towards the exit. We will welcome our allies the Dutch people in a new post-EU Europe'.

In past referendums in the Netherlands people voted for less EU:
61.6% said no to the EU Constitution in 2005
64% voted against the Ukraine Association Agreement

Bruges Group link, with tables:

EFTA information:

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EFTA world wide Free Trade Agreements:

EFTA4UK Facebook page, independent of EFTA:

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Robert Oulds:
Tel: 07740029787

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