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Dirty Data vs Clean Data by metame

metame will potentially be the world’s first crypto-complete wallet and universal personal data marketplace

London-based entrepreneur, author and acclaimed digital innovator Dele Atanda announced the introduction of metame, a digital wallet which is designed to change how personal data is stored, used and shared. On Friday May 18 2018, metame will open a public token pre-sale which will help fund the development of the platform, which has already developed its prototype product.

It is estimated that by 2020 personal data will be worth €1trillion in Europe alone. Personal data is a valuable asset, and currently individuals neither own or control their identity or data. There are a number of challenges surrounding personal data, and with the introduction of GDPR on May 25 2018, companies will have to change the way they collect, share and use customer information.

To address the issues of creating a unit of trade for personal data, converting personal data into a tangibly owned asset and ethically incentivising identifiability when GDRP calls for anonymity (by default), TheInternet.Foundation and metame Labs Ltd is introducing metame and the mPod Protocol.

metame will potentially be the world’s first crypto-complete wallet and universal personal data marketplace. It will help build online communities by paying individuals to share metapods (or mPods).

The metame ‘Clean Data' marketplace can help transform many industries and markets. For example, recent hacks in the mobility sphere upon major companies would be prevented by the metapod protocol, due to the data storage not being in any single place. The metame marketplace can also benefit industries like video gaming, wellness, financial services and help businesses remain GDPR compliant when selling to customers.

mPods are Smart Assets™, which are a new convergence of Smart Contracts and Digital Assets that enable the creation of secure packages of personal data. They are tiny information objects that may be sold, traded and used to share personal data with businesses in exchange for money. mPods are designed to be the unit of trade for personal data within marketplaces of the crypto economy, and are to data what cryptocurrencies are to money.

More than simply a container of data, mPods are non-fungible, crypto-information assets that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to allow precise data to be isolated and encrypted based on an entity’s intent. They may be owned, shared and traded contextually and privately in exchange for Krypto Koins. Krypto Koins will be the tokens which power the metame platform. metame will be the first wallet to enable universal data assets, mPods and crypto currency assets to be stored and exchanged in a standardised and universal manner.

For businesses, mPods offer a highly targeted approach to accessing consumer groups, where brands can exchange Krypto Koins for mPods within a ‘Clean Data’ marketplace and access anonymous, pseudonymous and identifiable information about individuals as appropriate, through an equitable exchange of value. Additionally, mPods allow participants to earn token rewards through loyalty schemes when selling their data or when buying products and services from metame’s marketplace. For companies and businesses, mPods will optimise personalisation, direct selling and loyalty while facilitating GDPR compliance.

The mPod Protocol has an excellent team of experts and advisors. It is led by IBM consultant, future hacker, fintech and crypto-economy theorist and business founder and CEO Dele Atanda. Dele has led digital innovations for some of the world’s biggest brands and has developed enterprise digital solutions for FTSE 10 and Fortune 100 companies that have become the gold standard for engagement within their sectors. Metame Labs Ltd and TheInternet.Foundation is supported by skilled Enterprise Architect Shyam Duraiswami and leading blockchain technology advisor Peter Bidewell.

Additionally, a number of partners have joined the metame ICO team. These include crypto-economy specialists Crypto Oracle, leading providers of commercial legal services Capital Law, international law firm Baker Botts LLP and Swiss law firm Bratschi Wiederkehr & Buob AG.

In 2013, Dele Atanda created TheInternet.Foundation, (The IF), as a charitable unincorporated association, calling for the implementation of a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights – which is to be ratified by the United Nations and to serve as a natural extension of Human Rights. The organisation is now being formalized as a Swiss, non-profit, non-government organisation driving for the responsible use of personal data globally and the benefits it can bring. It is encouraging the protection of personal data because when it is misused it can bring about severe threats. The IF is calling for a ‘Clean Data’ ecosystem underpinned by privacy, ownership and consent analogous to Clean Energy as opposed to the ‘Dirty Data’ ecosystem of surveillance capitalism.

Dele Atanda said, “I see this paradigm of surveillance capitalism as a ‘Dirty Data Economy’, analogous to the Dirty Energy Economy. This is where the practice of amassing vast oceans of personal data through ethically questionable means, without people’s knowledge or consent and locking it away inside digital fiefdoms that corral, exploit and manipulate people through their information causes social and environmental harm which is greater than the business or social benefit it generates.

“At the heart of the digital and data economy is the question of personal data as personal property and mPods will revolutionise the digital sphere making ‘Clean Data’ a tangible asset that people can own. Our system will allow people to easily understand how sensitive their information is, and how careful they need to be with it. The status of an mPod will be able to show if the information submitted by an individual has no identity information, some identity information or confidential information they should keep safe. The more sensitive the information and the more identifiable it makes the data owner, the more valuable this is to companies.”

metame is currently running a private pre-seed sale that will run through Friday March 18. Commencement of the ICO pre-sale is planned for Friday May 18 with a minimum soft-cap of $10million and funds fueling the platform’s development. The public token sale will begin in the fourth quarter of 2018 with the sale scheduled to complete in December. Hard cap estimates for the ICO will be published after the May pre-sale completes. Interest in the ICO can be registered on the metame website.

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Dele Atanda is available for interview and high-resolution images are available on request. Media information provided by Famous Publicity.

For more information, or if you would like to speak with Dele Atanda please contact Adam Betteridge at, Ed Patience at , Josh Balmer at or Tina Fotherby at or call the office on 0333 344 2341.

About Dele Atanda

Dele Atanda is a digital visionary and entrepreneur. Dele is a long-standing advocate of digital human rights, a cyber expert, a Fintech and crypto-economy theorist and an advocate of using technology to form a more compassionate, empathetic and human centered world. Supporting this is his belief that data - and in particular the ethical use of personal data, can transform society and revolutionize the world.

Dele is a celebrated innovator having led digital for some of the world's biggest brands and built enterprise solutions for FTSE 10 and Fortune 100 companies that have become the gold standards for engagement within their sectors. He leads IBM’s iX Automotive, Aerospace and Defence practice as Chief Digital Officer. He is a renowned thought leader on digital culture, and has been a pioneering voice on the emergence of web 3.0 technologies and their impact on society most notably with his best-selling Digitterian Tsunami: Web 3.0 and the Rise of the N.E.O Citizen published in 2013.

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