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Pro Teeth Whitening Powder 100% Natural

One thing is absolutely universal when it comes to weddings and that is every bride and groom want to look their absolute best.

With the forthcoming Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle you can guarantee she has been months in preparation, from daily yoga sessions, luxurious facials, to ensuring that soon-to-be Royal smile is going to sparkle on the day.

Of course, Meghan will have access to the best beauty treatments and products which aren’t always easily accessible to the rest of us. However, a whiter smile is achievable for everyone.

Even if your teeth are not perfect there are now new treatments and procedures to help improve them, and just having a whiter smile can make a big difference by using Pro Teeth Whitening 100% Natural Vegan Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Pro Teeth Whitening explain some of the relatively new professional treatments that are being used by many celebrities, yet still unknown to the wider market. One of these is Cosmetic Bonding that helps mask minor imperfections in teeth and is becoming increasingly popular as patients now prefer to have small adjustments to their teeth to make them more perfect. Cosmetic Bonding involves adding small amounts of white filling material to the tooth surface to help mask any imperfections and can help change the shape of a tooth, and this procedure can generally be done without the need for a dental injection.

Prior to this, people may have opted for more invasive procedures like veneers that involved a lot of filing of the natural tooth, making it a treatment that you could not reverse later on, where as cosmetic bonding and new composite veneers are more cost effective and don’t require as much drilling.

So, with the wedding of the year fast approaching, Meghan, along with every other bride will aim to look polished to perfection on her big day. But no one wants to look ‘too done or unnatural’ so it’s best to take a more natural approach to teeth whitening. Pro Teeth Whitening powder allows for gentle whitening effects over time which is safe for everyday use before brushing with your regular toothpaste. And make sure to consult a professional dentist before undergoing any cosmetic dental treatments.

You can pick up a tub of Pro Teeth Whitening powder from your local Boots store or online at priced £15. Also available from Amazon £11.99, and direct from our website.

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Pro Teeth Whitening premium non-abrasive teeth whitening powder is made from finely ground Activated Charcoal, perfect for helping whiten and brighten teeth. Made from finely ground coconut shell and with the addition of Bentonite Clay, this formula helps to absorb the toxins and stains in the teeth whilst delivering essential minerals.

The powder’s texture is also highly effective at gently brushing away plaque build-up, keeping teeth squeaky clean. With a low abrasivity score, Pro Teeth Whitening powder has been clinically certified safe on enamel and dentin making it the naturally best way to polish teeth. Simply brush with the powder twice a day for significantly cleaner whiter teeth.

The natural peppermint helps soothe gums, fight bacteria, reduce inflammation and provide long lasting freshness. Also available in spearmint and strawberry flavour.

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