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Benassie face mask features and benefits

We use an astounding 129 billion* disposable face masks globally each month - that’s 3 million a minute.

Since COVID-19 first gripped the world in 2020, the effects on both people and the environment have been life-changing. We use an astounding 129 billion* disposable face masks globally each month - that’s 3 million a minute. Disposable masks are made from plastics that take 450 years to degrade. Increasing our own safety has sadly come at the cost of the environment.

That’s why Benassie has created a mask with both you and the earth at its heart.

With a unique ViralOff® formula, these masks are proven to destroy over 99.8% of COVID-19. Self-sanitising, this formula also destroys over 99.9% of bacteria, keeping you, and those around you, safe in any situation.

Unlike most other masks on the market, this high level of protection doesn’t jeopardise the environment. These masks can be worn over 200 times, and only need to be washed once a week, allowing you to reduce water consumption, waste, and environmental impact all at once. Plus, the masks themselves incorporate recycled materials and come in completely biodegradable packaging.

You may think that recycled plastic and high-level protection couldn’t possibly be comfortable, but the team at Benassie have ensured that their masks have the look and feel of a luxury brand. With patented 3D-shaping technology, they’ve created a (literally) seamless design with an ultra-comfortable fit. The athleisure materials used in the design allow for maximum breathability and reduced humidity, all while remaining soft to the touch. Safety has never felt - or looked - better!

The company itself was founded by three brothers with a passion for fusing sustainability and technical garments. Their family have worked in garment manufacturing for almost 100 years and are responsible for inventing the Wonderbra® with parent company, Seamless Solutions.

Available in five colours: Black, Patriot Blue, Distressed Camo, Shibori, and Chateau Grey. RRP: 14.99 pounds sterling.


Instagram: @benassieofficial

*Source: Science Daily

Notes for Editors:

Facts and Research
• We use an astounding 129 BILLION disposable face masks globally every month – that is 3 MILLION a minute and almost 2.5 TRILLION over 18 months (Source).
• With a surgical mask weighing roughly 3.5g, that would equate to 451,500 tonnes of masks a month and, when placed next to one another, cover an area roughly three times the size of Singapore (Source).
• The number of disposable face masks thrown away every MINUTE is enough to cover 4 Olympic swimming pools (Source).
• The enormous production of disposable masks is on a similar scale as plastic bottles, which is estimated to be 43 billion per month (Source).
• Disposable face masks are made from plastics that take 450 years to degrade (Source).
• Marine biologists have warned that improper disposal of pandemic-related waste means there could soon be “more masks than jellyfish” in the Mediterranean Sea (Source).
• If just one person wore Benassie’s mask instead of the disposable alternatives, over 7 months they would save 630 disposable face masks from ending up in landfill and our oceans. Internal calculation: best practice is to change a disposable face mask every 3 hours, so approx. 3 a day. 3masks a day x 30 days a month x 7 months = 630 disposable masks. Benassie masks can be worn all day, every month and the ViralOff® treatment will provide maximum protection for at least 7 months (approx. 210 days). Hence, 1 Benassie mask prevents the unsustainable use of 630 disposable masks.

Key Features:

• Patented 3D-shaping technology.
• Unique ViralOff® formula that interacts with key proteins, inhibiting the virus from infecting cells.
• Reduces SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) by >99.8% and is certified under ISO18184:2019 and destroys >99.9% of bacteria.
• Self-sanitising materials and triple-layer filtration.
• At least 210 daily consecutive uses with maximum ViralOff® protection.
• Inner layer made from recycled plastic bottles with biodegradable/recyclable packaging.
• Only 7 pence per use, which is 10x cheaper than disposable masks.
• Seam-free design for ultra-comfortable fit with malleable nose feature and adjustable ear loops.
• Smart design eliminates dangerous air gaps and microfiber materials optimise filtration and anti-viral protection.
• Water-repellent outer layer shields against harmful droplets.
• Athleisure materials maximise breathability and reduce humidity - anti-fogging mask.
• Available in small, medium and large.

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