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Bezos salary comparison calculator

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon and now the world’s richest person, has reached an all-time high with a staggering net worth of $150.7 billion (£114.9 billion).

This time last year his net worth stood at $89.7 billion which means that, in one year, his wealth has grown by a massive $61 billion (£46.5 billion).

If you take that figure and divide it by the number of working days in a year (261), this works out that he has earned $233,716,475 per day, $9,738,186 per hour, $162,303 per minute and, the real clincher, $2,705 per second.

Sue Andrews FCIPD (Business and HR Consultant at KIS Finance) said:

“Recent reports from the beginning of October 2018 reveal that Amazon will increase the minimum wage for their workers to £9.50 per hour in the UK (£10.50 for workers in London) and $15 for workers in the USA, as of November 2018.

Being 21% over the national minimum wage of £7.83, it is a fair and decent income. However, a $9,738,171 (£7,417,418) difference in hourly rate between Bezos and his employees is a figure that's hard to ignore.”

To make this really interesting (and fun!), we have created an easy-to-use calculator that will work out exactly how long it would take Bezos to earn your annual salary. You simply have to enter your salary (in pounds or dollars) and the calculator will instantly tell you how many seconds it would take for Bezos to earn the same.

We have also included a live counter which tells you how much Bezos has earned since you’ve been on the page!

We have calculated that the average worker in the UK (on an average salary of £28,600) would take 1.6 million years to earn the same amount that Bezos has earned within one.

Best case scenario, the average worker in London would take 1.2 million years.

If you would like a breakdown of how long it would take the average worker from each region in the UK, we have created an interactive bar chart here:

Sue Andrews: “It is no secret that Amazon is under scrutiny after reports of poor working conditions and not paying their fair share of taxes. It makes you wonder whether this wage increase was just a publicity stunt with the aim of improving Amazon's reputation.”


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